How Can You Identify Coccyx Pain?

Coccyx pain or tail bone pain is a severe and a problematic pain that can cause a lot of problems, especially while trying to sit. But, how can you identify the cause for your pain? How can you tell if it is being caused by a bad tail bone or any other part in your back? Pain accompanied by stiffness in the lower back or buttocks can lead to confusion over the region responsible for the pain.

Identifying Coccyx Pain: If you are having doubts about a bad tail bone pain, upon following a few instructions, you can confirm for yourself the cause for your pain. Let us look at the following instructions-

  • Location: The area which hurts the most must be identified first. Say, the region above your anus, right exactly in the middle of the two butt cheeks is hurting you the most. You can confirm this as coccyx or tail bone pain. Because, this is where exactly the tail bone is located in our body.
  • Injury: There are several reasons to cause a tail bone pain. Sometimes, even prolonged sitting can also have an effect on the tail bone. Sports injuries or a bad fall on your back can also lead to fractures and bruises that can cause a coccyx pain. It is important to identify any such injuries or actions that might have led to the pain. Ironically, no incidents of past injury or trauma can also cause coccyx pain.
  • Observe Pain While Sitting and Standing: Coccyx pain is usually the worst when you try to sit as sitting puts a lot of pressure on your tail bone. Pain can also be worse when trying to lean back or while trying to stand up after sitting for a while.
  • Visiting a Doctor: It is always best to see a doctor when you experience acute pains that cause a lot of trouble. You can ask the doctor for any tests that might identify the reason for your pain.

Coccyx pain can severely affect your day-to-day work and routine and cause a lot of obstructions in your work. The above mentioned instructions can help you identify coccyx pain precisely and go for further medication.

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