Are Coffee Drinkers Really Relieved of Their Headaches?

It is a widely known fact that coffee is a very good stimulant. But, a study conducted at the Norwegian University last year has come up with some interesting facts.

According to the study, frequent coffee drinkers are prone to occasional headaches when compared to people with less caffeine intake. Another study at the same University interestingly revealed that chronic headaches are common even in people with less caffeine intake.

So, are frequent coffee drinkers really at a risk?

Are Coffee Drinkers Affected At All?: There has been a debate for a long time now about the benefits and harms that caffeine brings to the body. No matter what coffee still remains the most consumed stimulant across the world thought to act as an analgesic to headaches.

  • But, a few research reports from around the world suggest otherwise. These reports have not found coffee to alleviate pain and also have suggested that coffee would cause frequent headaches and also lead to migraine. A few other reports though have not found any link between headache prevalence and caffeine intake.
  • Researchers are still confused about the varying results despite having researched on a large cross-section of people about caffeine intake and their headache patterns. If on one hand non-migraine headaches was 18 percent more in people with more caffeine intake, the occurrence of chronic headaches among moderate coffee drinkers was confusing.

Cutting Coffee Intake: Doctors advise that, whatever may be the benefits or harms of coffee, it is suggestible to cut down the intake as such. For caffeine, could be a reason for your headaches and not a pain reliever. Considering the intake of caffeine levels as soon as possible is necessary.

There is no clear explanation to the cause of headaches in both excessive and non-excessive coffee drinkers. But, headaches can really be frustrating especially if you are bound to lose important work time. Any-ways, it is suggestible to keep a check on the levels of caffeine intake, for anything too much would become an addiction.

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