Untreated Ankle Sprain Could Lead to Chronic Pains

One of the most commonly ignored injuries across the world is an ankle sprain. Sprains usually are a result of a sudden jolt or a blow or the result of a fall. Studies suggest that, 40 percent of the people who sprain their ankles are bound to experience chronic pains despite getting their injury treated.

So, just imagine, what untreated ankle sprains would lead to?

Ankle Sprain: Ankle sprains are often left undiagnosed owing to the sufferer’s lack of interest in getting it treated. Most people expect an ankle sprain to heal by itself, the prime reason for being left undiagnosed.

But, when you sprain an ankle, it can so happen that your tendons might have been injured. Injury to tendons, especially the peroneal tendon in the foot would lead to these chronic pains.

Peroneal Tendons: Peroneal tendons help in foot and ankle stability. An injury to these tendons would result in a swollen foot and in the worst cases could also lead to a ligament tear.

A rupture or a tear of the peroneal tendons can lead to-

  1. ankle pain that wouldn’t alleviate irrespective of the treatment
  2. ankle bone pain
  3. pain in the foot transmitted from the injured ankle
  • It is important that these symptoms are recognised and an injury to the tendons is diagnosed early. This can help prevent the need for a surgery and non-operative treatments like physical therapy, ice packs and anti-inflammatory medicines could cure the pain.
  • In case of a tear or rupture of the peroneal tendons, a surgery would be necessary to deal with the chronic pains.

Ankle sprain is not just any injury and in case you tend to have no relief from your pain despite medication, it is better to see a physician straight away. You could have injured your peroneal tendons and effective mode of therapy or surgery is needed to relieve yourself from chronic pains.

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