Neck Pain and Dizziness

Neck pain and dizziness have a relation. Neck pain can sometimes be a cause of dizziness and this phenomenon is known as cervical vertigo. Quiet often, people who suffer from a neck injury complain of clumsiness or light-headedness or inability to maintain balance or steadiness. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment or medication available to treat this syndrome.

A Few Statistics about Cervical Vertigo: Neck pain and dizziness are found to be coupled in people who suffer from a whiplash (range of neck injuries caused by sudden distortion).

  • Almost in 68 percent of the people who suffer from a whiplash have an immediate attack of dizziness, if not, they tend to experience it in 24 hours. While 21 percent of the people, experience post traumatic dizziness in a week’s time.
  • In almost 80 percent of whiplash cases and 33 percent cases of other neck related injuries, there is an occurrence of cervical vertigo. The most common symptom of a whiplash is of course pain followed by dizziness.
  • The symptoms of dizziness post a cervical trauma is more in women when compared to men. Chronic neck pain could even lead to vertigo implying that the process of recovery from injury is going to be a slow one.

Cervical Vertigo Treatment: Cervical vertigo was only discovered in the fifties and has been studied ever since. As already mentioned, there is no proper treatment or medication available to treat cervical vertigo.

  • Chiropractic disciplines can be helpful in treating dizziness caused by neck pain. The theory behind this is to bring a balance in the tendon shift that suffered during the injury. As a result of the injury, the signals that reach the brain from the neck are not properly sent causing dizziness. Chiropractic treatment would help rectify this problem quiet effectively.

Though, there are chiropractic therapies available for alleviating neck pain and dizziness, there is still no proper medication available to treat cervical vertigo. Sitting steadily or quietly when experiencing dizziness could alleviate the problem in a while.

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