Swollen Bleeding Gums May Just Not Concern Your Teeth

We know that swollen bleeding gums cause a lot of pain. According to dentists, bleeding gums might mean existence of excessive plaque on the teeth bones which could result in an apparent loss of teeth. But, did you know that bleeding gums can also be a symptom of other existing problems or infections in your body? Mouth is often very much neglected by us, which as a matter of fact should be not.

Swollen Bleeding Gums: According to the Surgeon General’s Oral Health Report, regular oral exams could reveal existing risks that could cause serious concerns in the future. Oral examination effectively detects any existing immunal nutritional deficiencies, microbial infections, cancers, immune disorders, systemic diseases and injuries.

  • The Journal of Periodontology had reported the case of a 53 year old who was detected of having myelomonocytic leukemia after suffering from swollen bleeding gums. The patient was referred to a periodontist by his dentist who recognized the case as gingival inflammation. A biopsy revealed that the patient was actually suffering from leukemia, upon which the patient had to undergo chemotherapy.
  • Not only leukemia, but oral problems like swollen bleeding gums could also pose a risk of diabetes and other serious systemic diseases. Of late people are suffering from a lot of dental issues for which they are having to visit their dentist more frequently than their physician. It is important that the dentists conduct a thorough oral examination to detect any underlying threats.

Causes of Swollen Bleeding Gums: Swollen bleeding gums are a common occurrence and they could affect the gum surrounding the infected tooth or the entire gums in the mouth.Other reasons likes stuck food in the mouth, chewing gum hypersensitivity and reactions to medicines et.

  • According to a study, every one in three Americans suffers from gingivitis which is the major cause of swollen bleeding gums. Usually, good oral home care would deal with the issue of bleeding, though a little pain and discomfort is experienced. But, frequent gum related problems could mean that something with your health is amiss and it is necessary to see a dentist straight away.

Swollen bleeding gums could tell a lot more about your inner health apart from your oral health.

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