Painless Pillar Procedure to Eliminate Snoring Problems

Pillar procedure is a painless remedy to chronic snoring. Chronic snoring is not only caused by nasal troubles, but is also an indicator of several other associated problems like sleep apnea (stoppage of breathing during sleep). Also, snoring deprives you of sleep adversely affecting your heart.

Over the counter remedies for snoring can only be short term while pillar procedure can provide a permanent relief to snoring problems.

Pillar Procedure: Nasal problems like snoring are mainly caused either due to a weak mouth palate (roof of the mouth that separates the oral cavity from the nasal cavity) or a nasal hitch (like sinus).

  • In a pillar procedure, usually three polyester implants are introduced into the weak palate area of the mouth. For this purpose, a local anaesthetic needs to be administered. These implants strengthen the palate area allowing a stronger structure and prevent the vibration in the mouth responsible for snoring.
  • Pillar procedure is usually a painless process and even though post implant you might experience a lite pain, it usually dissolves the following day. Also there are no chances of any side-effects.
  • The chances of implant rejection are very less and in case the implantation procedure poses any difficulties, the doctor would not go ahead with the implantation. There might be a rare chance of a mouth infection, but it can be taken care of by an antibiotic.

Advantage of Pillar Procedure: Pillar procedure is the most painless procedure that can help alleviate nasal problems when compared to any other surgery like the FINess Sinus. Also, the polyester implants used, create a fibrous capsule in the mouth that hardens the palate area with no pain involved. The stiffening of the polyester implant makes sure that there are no more palatal vibrations.

Pillar procedure is a very recent innovation and an upcoming nasal therapy. Mostly available in the developed countries like the US and across Europe, this procedure is a very bankable one to stop snoring. This in turn would put a check to other associated nasal as well as heart problems.

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  1. Thanks for very interesting article. I really enjoyed reading this piece as well as all of your previous posts.

    Personaly i have found that using snoremate as a cure for snoring.

    Works like a bom, trust me!

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