5 Most Common Myths About Feng Shui

The actual meaning of Feng Dhui is ”wind-water”. This method was used by ancient Chinese and they believed to use the law of Heaven and Earth. Feng Shui was basically used to improve the lifestyle. The five basic elements of Feng Shui are earth, fire, water, wood and metal. There are a few myths about Feng Shui and the top five myths are:

5 Most Common Myths About Feng Shui

Red Door- images1Many people believe that a red door at the entrance brings good luck. Red is a bright color and is a sign of energy. Houses that have a red door do not benefit much as the actual reason could be a problem where the door is located. Therefore painting the door red will only attract more problems.

Hanging Crystals from the Ceiling- images2 It is very common to see many houses hanging crystals from the ceiling. These crystals whether made from metal or natural substance are not at all related to Feng Shui. No matter what the shape is, these hangings do not have any powers.

Water at the Entrance- images3 This is another common myth about Feng Shui. Many houses have water placed at the entrance. The place where the water is placed again depends where the building is located and it’s structure. Some people place it at the back of the house or at the corner. Water at the entrance doesn’t really smoothen things in a household.

Fu Dogs- images4The actual thing that works is the metal with which the Fu dogs are made of and not the dog itself. These dogs look like lions and were originally made of a.k.a metal. This is what used to bring in an effect. The modern Fu dogs are made of clay or plastic and do not have any positive effect. Before using Fu dogs, make sure you know which metal is used.

Feng Shui Mirrors-images5 This is one of the most common Feng Shui myths. Feng Shui mirrors cannot detect any positive and negative energy. Long ago black polished mirrors were placed inside the house so that they could reflect any negative energy. So, you don’t have to to really believe putting up a Feng Shui mirror at your place.

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