Infrared Therapy for Treating Pains

Heat has always been a major remedy when it comes to alleviating pain for a long time now. Over the years this therapy has been studied extensively and new innovations and devices have been developed for increasing the efficiency of heat therapies. Infrared therapy is one such therapy which has taken shape only in the late 20th century.

Infrared therapy for treating pains is very effective and there are several devices available in today’s market that use the concept of infrared.

Infrared Therapy: Infrared is a component of the light emitted from the sun which enters the earth’s atmosphere along with visible light. Infrared light has a longer wavelength when compared to visible light and hence is not visible.

Certain cells in our skin can detect the heat produced by infrared light. This heat produced is called thermal radiation and our body can actually differentiate between the internal heat and the external thermal radiation. This concept was instrumental in the development of infrared heat therapy.

Infrared Devices for Pain: There are several infrared devices available in the market for treating pains and it is up to the person to choose the device most comfortable for him.

  • For instance, there are infrared heating pads for chairs that can be used by persons who do a lot of desk oriented job. Simply placing the heat pads in the chair or in the driver’s seat of a car is all that has to be done. These pads produce infrared heat which reaches up to the joints and muscles within the body causing the muscles to relax.
  • In the same way, for people who travel a lot there are portable back lights available. These infrared lights can be place on the back while on the move and the devices do their job of muscle relaxing. These lights are portable and can be worn on any part of the body.

Though still not in vogue, people are slowly realising the benefits of infrared therapy for treating pains. The advantage of infrared therapy is it’s harmlessness and also it can be used simultaneously with other pain treatments. Also these products are affordable and easily available. Infrared therapy can be a very effective alternative for people who suffer from chronic back pains.

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