Shortness of Breath With No Chest Pain can Mean a Heart Disease

It is a common notion amongst most people that a heart disease is usually accompanied by chest pain. But, is it possible that a high risk heart disease would have no chest pain present whatsoever? A research conducted at the Cedars-Cenai Centre, Los Angeles has revealed that shortness of breath with no chest pain could can mean a heart disease and it is much more fatal than a cardiac arrest with chest pain or a cardiac arrest with no symptoms whatsoever.

An article published on the 3rd of November in the New England Journal of Medicine mentions that shortness of breath can be a very important predictor in determining deaths from cardiac issues.

Shortness of Breath, An Issue of Concern: Dr.Daniel Berman at the Cedars-Cenai Medical Centre states that shortness of breath in patients with previous cardiac issues or lung problems could imply that the patient is suffering from a coronary artery heart disease and it may need immediate medical attention.

  • Coronary artery issue is a very serious ailment and if diagnosed and treated early can prevent severe consequences related to cardiac problems. But,a major difficulty would be diagnosing the patients with shortness of breath.
  • On the other hand, not necessarily shortness of breath can mean a coronary heart issue. Patients with no coronary artery problems suffering from breathing shortage are four times more likely to die of a cardiac arrest than in people with accompanying chest pain.
  • Also, many a times,people suffering from a chest pain are actually sent for a bypass or angioplasty. But, the same would not happen when there is a shortage of breathing. This could be a reason for the increased number of deaths in these patients.

It is still not clear why shortness of breath with no chest pain can increase the risk of a heart disease. Issues like improper blood pumping or the development of inflammatory proteins that cause a coronary heart issue may be responsible for the breathing shortage. But, one thing to keep in mind is shortness of breath should never be ignored, especially in patients with cardiac related issues.

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