Core Exercises For Back Pain

The muscles of the buttock, back and the abdomen are the ones that support the spine. Hence they have been termed as the core muscles. The spine is protected by the regular wear and tear and shocks by the muscles that support it. Hence it is very important that these muscles are kept fit in order to avoid back pains. Strong quadriceps and abdominal muscles would ensure that there are no lower back problems and problems associated with lifting.

Core exercises for back pain would make sure that the muscles supporting the spine are properly aligned so that there is no issue of back pain.

Core Exercises: A back pain is caused due to muscle shortening. Due to the regular wear and tear, improper posture and work routines, our muscles get too tight and contracted. These muscles especially the hamstrings, buttocks and back when get tight and contracted can dislodge the spine’s alignment ultimately leading to either chronic or acute back pains.

It is thus necessary that these muscles are stretched, allowing them to be flexible, thus avoiding any kind of back pain threats. For this purpose a routine of exercises would help the back stay fit and strong rid of pain.

Stretching Exercises: Stretching exercises,as the name suggests would stretch the muscles ensuring that any tightness is relaxed. It is necessary to have a warm up before performing your stretching exercises. Try to hold your stretches for atleast 90 seconds and make sure that you are only gently stretching your muscles with no amount of pain involved. Breathing during exercising is a must and never try to hold your breath.

Pelvic twist, back twist, the cat, the cobra ,shoulders and arm stretch are a few forms of stretching exercises that can be practised.

Strengthening Exercises: Strengthening exercises usually need to be performed after your stretching exercises, though it is up to the individual exercising. It is best to follow a routine of every alternate day for doing strengthening exercises. For most people are known to over do their strengthening exercises resulting in even a more severe injury. The results of strengthening exercises can only be noticed after about 8 weeks, but the effort and wait is worth it.

The bridge, the plank, the side plank, the wall squat, leg lifts are a few strengthening exercises for your abs and back muscles.

Core exercises for back pain are very important and if followed as routine would ensure pain free backs. Also your posture and muscle flexibility is increased. It is advisable to consult with your physiotherapist before performing your exercises, especially if you have suffered a back injury or strain.

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