Is a Panic Attack Different from an Asthma Chest Pain?

It is so ironic that the symptoms of a panic attack and an asthma attack can be extremely similar. It so often happens that people who suffer from panic attacks mistake it to be an asthma attack and the vice-versa. But, it is important to observe that a panic attack is different from an asthma chest pain.

Only then can a perfect treatment can be administered.

Asthma Chest Pain and a Panic Attack: People who either suffer from repeated asthma or panic attacks find it very difficult to understand which attack they are actually suffering. The reason for this is due to the breath shortage in both attacks.

  • In panic attacks, though a patient might exhibit similar symptoms (chest pain, breath shortage) to an asthma attack, the breathing shortness actually implants a fear into the patient’s brain causing him to panic. When compared to an asthma attack, there is no actual swelling in the patient’s airway that causes breathing problems. hence an inhaler would not help in such a situation.
  • Studies suggest that asthma usually causes wheezing, breathing problems and coughing and occurs either in the night or in the early mornings. The symptoms of chest pain in asthma are very rare. Asthma chest pains though rare, can often cause a tightness in the chest due to the the swelling of the airway leading to an inadequate supply of air.
  • Panic attacks are more mind related and canAi?? really petrify the person suffering an attack. Calming the mind during a panic attack is very essential to get through it. Deep breathing can really help during panic attacks. It is important that frequent panic attack sufferers practice deep breathing exercises in order to implement them during an attack.
  • While in an asthma attack, it would be impossible for the sufferer to take a deep breath and wheezing and coughing would become really severe. But, during a panic attack there would be no wheezing and coughing apart from the chest pain due to fear of breath shortage.

So it is important to understand that a panic attack and an asthma chest pain are symptoms of two different attacks. Administration of appropriate treatment is necessary based on the attack.

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