Can The Elderly Have A Pain Relief From Torn Shoulder Muscles?

The most common problem among people aged over 65 across the whole world is pain. Pain can be related to knee joints, the spine, the feet or the arms and shoulders. The pain in the shoulder amongst most elderly people is due to torn shoulder muscles.

Surgery is not usually recommended for the elderly as it may lead to other complications and there may exist other ailments that slow down healing. Can the elderly have a pain relief from torn shoulder muscles?

Surgery is Now an Option: Doctors from the Rush University, Chicago have now come up with a surgery for elders that can make the pain in shoulders go away. Doctors have concluded that an invasive or an arthroscopic muscle tear in the shoulder’s rotator cuff can be treated and it’s function restored.

Rotator cuff is a block of four muscles responsible for stabilising our shoulder joints. Almost 20 percent of the population aged above 65 are bound to suffer tears in the rotator cuff causing severe pain and a decreased or lost shoulder motion.

The Study: The doctors at the Rush University, kept a close eye on 39 patients aged 70 and above who were operated on their shoulders for ligament tears.

  • Upon observing the patients’ operated shoulders for over two years, the doctors have come up with some positive results. The doctors observed that there was an increased range of motion in the shoulder accompanied by muscle strength improvement when compared to the pre-operated shoulder.
  • The pain in the shoulders was also gone in almost 95 percent of the patients, which was the reason for undergoing a surgery.
  • The results from the operation suggested that the shoulder’s of these patients returned to a normal healthy state and were better when compared with the shoulders of other people in the same age group.

So if you were looking for an answer to relief from torn shoulder muscles in the elderly, you can now have a sigh of relief. New surgical techniques accompanied by committed rehab would reduce the pain and restore the shoulder’s function.

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  1. Old age can greatly impact treatment options for torn shoulder muscles. That is why surgery is almost always the option. But my question is, is recovery period after surgery remarkable? Or does it take a long time to really regain strength and mobility of the shoulders?

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