Why Should You Consider Heartburn Chest Pain Seriously

Differentiating between a heartburn chest pain caused by Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and a heart attack is quintessential. A slight miscalculation and the consequences can be fatal. Quickest medical attention is mandatory if you are experiencing a heartburn.

This is the very reason why you should consider heartburn chest pain seriously and diagnose the reason for it.

GERD and a Heart Attack: The symptoms of a GERD and heart attack are pretty similar and patients can get nervous and anxious in such situations. It is important to concentrate on a few issues in order to soothe your pain.

  • In case you are suffering from a GERD heartburn, the pain would persist for several hours and the discomfort caused could also potentially affect your sleep. An after meal indigestion can also lead to chest pain in few people. Heartburn chest pain usually tends to heal upon consuming antacids.
  • It might so happen that people who have a history of heart condition also develop GERD problems. So, both these issues can co-exist. In such people, chest pain experienced could be due to an acid reflux and would not necessarily mean a heart attack. But, upon experiencing chest pain, it is necessary that the reason for the pain is diagnosed.
  • When it comes to a heart attack and centre heart diseases, the same symptoms like, profuse sweating, severe pain in the chest, upper back and shoulders and breathing difficulties do exist. And in case if you have no medical history relating to such occurrences it is paramount that you consult a doctor at once.

It is thus important to understand why should you consider heart burn and chest pain seriously. If you are suffering from a GERD heartburn, it is possible to experience relief within 10-15 minutes upon consuming antacids. In case, this is not true, it is quiet possible that you are experiencing a stroke. So, heartburns are not something that need to be lightly considered.

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