Stabbing Chest Pain Caused by Pericardial Catch Syndrome

Chest pain in adults and children is a very common occurrence. There are several reasons for the cause of chest pains and most of them can be either attributed to common respiratory problems, injuries and in some cases today to heart diseases. Also, the exposure to urban pollution can also be a reason for chest pains.

But,stabbing chest pain’s most common culprit is Pericardial Catch Syndrome (PCS).

Pericardial Catch Syndrome: Doctors believe that PCS, also called the Texidor’s Twinge, is believed to be the prominent causer of this sharp stabbing pain in adults and children alike.

  • The intensity of the pain tends to increase upon performing breathing activities such as inhaling and exhaling. The pain is usually localised to the area under the left nipple somewhere close to the heart’s location.
  • The benign chest pain due to PCS is mistaken by many people for a heart stroke. Fortunately it is not. It is true that the stabbing pain is felt in an area close to the heart and the pain can be severely acute just like the one caused by a stroke.
  • The major difference between the pains from a cardiac arrest and a PCS is the localisation. When a person suffers a stroke, the pain is not just restricted to chest, but also other parts of the body like shoulder and back suffer from pain. While in PCS, the pain is localised or stationary and there is no movement of pain to the other parts.
  • The duration of the pain can be anywhere between 2-3 minutes obstructing a person’s routine and usually recedes after this time is passed.

Precautions: PCS’s frequency would vary from person to person.

  • The pain experienced during a PCS attack can range anywhere between mild and stabbing.
  • Usually, exhaling and inhaling in PCS causes a lot of discomfort. But, taking deep breaths would actually help some persons suffering to experience a complete stopping of the pain.
  • Also, during PCS attacks some people might experience a loss of vision or a blurred vision. It is best to stop the activity being performed in during an attack.

The reasons for the stabbing chest pain caused by Pericardial Catch Syndrome are still unknown. But, the doctors believe that PCS does not threaten a patient’s life nor is a reason to panic, although no particular cure is still available for this syndrome.

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