Is Chest Wall Pain a Serious Cause of Medical Concern?

The reason for chest wall pain can be either a injury or trauma, or a case of pleural irritation or a problem in the musculoskeletal structure in the neck. A chest wall pain is usually benign and would subside upon treatment. In most cases, it is often mistaken for a heart attack which it is not.

So, is chest wall pain a serious cause of medical concern? Let us try to answer this.

Chest Wall Pain: One of the most common pains among adults and children and unfortunately a has to be experienced pain in everyone’s life is a chest wall pain. At some point or the other, one would have to feel this pain.

  • Doctors believe that a chest wall pain does not possess any kind of medical significance. though the experienced can be very disturbing, it usually subsides very quickly.
  • Children or adults who do not usually have a medical history of chest pain can still suffer from this pain. The reason can be a very simple injury or an irritation in the outer membrane that protects the lungs called pleura.
  • The pain experienced can be either sharp or stabbing and can cause severe discomfort. It might cause problems while breathing and has a tendency to return with every breath you take. But, one need not panic. As this would not even last for a minute.
  • Chest wall pain in children can be due to injuries sustained during sports. In some girls it can be due to a joint inflammation in the breast bone. This inflammation usually has no treatment, but proper medication can help alleviate the anxiety.

Is chest wall pain a serious cause of medical concern? No, absolutely not. There is no significance to this pain and proper diagnosis and case history understanding of the patient would easily alleviate the pain. Most of the time the pain recedes on it’s own and also it does not last for long.

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