Is Chest Pain in Children a Reason to Worry?

Not only do adults suffer from chest pain, but children and adolescents can suffer from chest pain too. Interestingly, the reasons for chest pain in kids and adults are very different. An adult suffering from chest pain can be a reason to panic. But, is chest pain in children a reason to worry? Are there any differences between the pains in adults and children?

Chest Pain in Children: Chest pain in children is a very common occurrence.

  • But, unlike adults it need not necessarily be a case of medical emergency though it can lead to sickness, loss of school attendance and inability to perform routine activities when suffering. As parents, you might be very anxious about what is happening with your child.
  • Cardiac arrests and heart attacks which are the usual causes of chest pain in most adults can be a very rare occurrence among kids. So, parents need not hot the panic button when a child complains of chest pain. Proper diagnosis and a study of the child’s medical history can help identify the cause.
  • In most cases, the reason kids suffer is due to chest wall pain. Apart from a chest wall pain, the reasons for chest pain can be either respiratory problems or certain injuries sustained while playing sports. It can also be quiet possible some girls also suffer from chest wall pain due to puberty reasons.

Is Chest Pain a Reason to Worry?: No, not in children. It is very rare that a child would have severe complications from chest pain. Proper diagnosis and home care would ensure the child’s return to full health.

  • For instance, most common causes of chest pain like cold, fever, indigestion either heal by themselves or upon proper medication recede with the cause. Other severe instances like bronchitis, asthma and problems with the epiglottis can be cured by consulting a doctor and by keeping the diet and medication in control.

So, if you are worrying about chest pain in children, I would say there is no reason to panic. There would be no fatal consequences unless and until not properly diagnosed.

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