How To Alleviate Wisdom Tooth Pain?

A few pains in life, we humans are bound to suffer and there is no way to prevent or escape them. For instance, every woman has to experience pregnancy pains and all of us including women have to experience the wisdom tooth pain.

Wisdom tooth are a sign of maturity and usually develop between the ages of 17-25. In a few exceptional cases, the growth of wisdom tooth may take place after the age of 25. Wisdom tooth is a sign of maturity, but it comes with it’s share of problems and the most important problem to deal with is pain.

Wisdom Tooth

Alleviating Wisdom Tooth Pain: Experiencing a healthy and problem free growth of wisdom tooth is quiet rare. Usually, wisdom tooth not only cause pain but also intrude with the other teeth and cause severe infections.

Even during a healthy growth, wisdom tooth causes pain and irritation. It can be tough dealing with it, but a few simple remedies can be of good use during this period.

Pain Relieving Techniques: Let us look at a few techniques that can help subside the pain during the growth of a wisdom tooth.

  • Normal tooth pain would usually recede after a very short period of time. But, pain caused by wisdom tooth persists for a longer period of time than usual. In such cases, it is always suggested to see a doctor first and diagnose the reason for pain. There may be other infected teeth that need to be treated.
  • A chewing gum can be of great use during the growth of wisdom tooth. Chewing on the affected side would massage your pain inflicted gums and offer a temporary relief.
  • There are effective over the counter gum ointments available that can actually soothe the pain. Applying these ointments at regular intervals can help alleviate the pain.
  • One of the most effective ways to treat wisdom tooth pain is salt water mouth washing. Take a tiny pinch of salt in moderately warm water and use it like a mouthwash. After mouth washing for about 30 seconds, spit it out and make sure you do not swallow it. A method that doesn’t need any medication.
  • Only as a last measure do you need to use over the counter pain killers like acetaminophen, which otherwise are not suggested. Proper dosage is needed and no form of dosage abuse is encouraged. Much better if you seek the advice of a dentist before using them.

Wisdom tooth pain cannot be prevented, but eating suitable food and performing simple pain relieving techniques can help counter the pain allowing a speedy growth of the tooth.

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  1. I read ur article abt wisdom tooth. Am badly suffering from wisdom tooth pain. It pains during eruption. But upto what time it will pain?
    Though its a natural process, but when it stops? Please let me know….

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