Preventing an Ingrown Toenail Pain

The amount of pressure borne by our heels is humongous and the daily wear and tear can cause the feet, heels and toes to get bruised. Feet problems are common as we age and one of the most aching of them all is ingrown toe nail pain. Ingrown toenail pain wouldn’t let you enjoy a walk and the aching pain would obstruct your daily routine tremendously.

Prevention is better than cure and preventing an ingrown toenail pain is a possibility.

Causes of Ingrown Toenail Pain: Ingrown toenail pain is mostly caused due to improper shoes and sometimes nail fungus can also lead to this pain.

  • Wearing tight shoes applies a lot of pressure on the toes and if the shoes are worn on a regular basis, the toenails would start to grow inward and not outward.
  • Once they start growing inward, they pierce the skin around your toes causing pain.
  • Usually, it is the big toe that is affected the most though there is every chance that other fingers are also known to be affected.
  • Once affected the pain and swelling caused could be unbearable.

Preventing an Ingrown Toenail Pain: Toenail pain is not considered very seriously by most people. But, it is necessary they do consider it.

Lack of early care could lead to infections and if diagnosis is delayed there would be no possibility of a cure. So, it is better to prevent than wait for it to be cured.

Let us look at a few prevention techniques:

  • In order to prevent ingrown toenail pain, the first thing you need to concentrate on is your footwear. Make sure that you wear the appropriate footwear. The most important thing to consider is that no sort of pressure is applied by your footwear. Lack of pressure would ensure no inward growth of the nails.
  • Different companies offer shoes in different sizes to the same foot. So, it is necessary to measure the size of your foot before buying them. Your new shoes would have to have at least a gap of half-inch between the front and the toenail. The comfort level of your feet is very important. You must be able to wiggle your toes while in the shoe.
  • Buying shoes after a day at the office is suggested over buying in the mornings. After the day’s work your feet would swell a bit. When you buy shoes for your swollen feet they would obviously fit freely when your feet are normal thus causing no tightness.
  • Proper trimming of the toenails regularly is also recommended. Excessive growth of toenails or improper clipping can cause problems in the future.

Preventing an ingrown toenail pain is necessary. The pain after developing ingrown toenails can be unbearable and also there is every chance that the damage done could be so severe that you would end up having no cure.

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  1. I have a very painful big left toe nail and i can’t seem to find a doctor who is conversant with this kind of problem .Where can i find help?

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