Do Black Toenails Cause Pain?

Black toenails, also called runner’s toe is usually found after you complete a long walk or run. You might observe that your toenail has changed colour to a grey or black. The toe would also be swollen. Though not considered to be a very serious injury, it demands your attention and care.

So, do black toenails cause pain?

Causes of Runner’s Toe: Most foot injuries are caused due to pressure and a runner’s toe is no exception.

  • During walking and running, your feet are prone to a lot of forward, backward and sideways movement making them collide with the shoe’s surface.
  • Improper shoes or tight shoes increase the possibility of developing blisters under the toenails owing to the pressure.
  • The toenails are thus separated from the toenail beds allowing the blood to change into a black or grey colour.

Do Black Toenails cause Pain?: So, to what extent the damage can be upon the discolouration of your toenail? Would there be any kind of accompanying pain? Let us try to reason.

  • Black toenails which are formed due to a blister under the toenails are sure to cause pain. But, the pain need not be very sharp or excruciating and you give it a day’s time to subside.
  • If the pain persists beyond a day, it is best to drain the fluid in the blister. This process would involve a little bit of pain.
  • The blister can be punctured with the help of a sterilised and sanitised needle and the fluid drained. Later, you can apply antiseptic cream over the infected area.
  • Sometimes, the blister may be within the nail. In such a case nail has to drilled to puncture the blister.
  • The process of puncturing the blister can be painful but effective nevertheless. Once the blister is taken care of the swelling and accompanying pain are automatically cure.

In a very rare case would the pain still continue even after the blister is pierced. It is better to see a doctor in that case. Else if you are wondering do black toenails cause pain? Yes, but there is no need to panic.

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