Does A Bulging Disc In Back Cause Pain?

Bulging discs are very common amongst everyone as we age. Bulged discs are a common phenomenon of the aging process. As we know discs are located in the spine and any problem associated to bulged discs is usually in the back (very rarely does a bulged disc in neck occurs).

So, does a bulging disc in back cause pain? Let us try to find an answer to this question.

Bulging Disc: A healthy disk which is usually filled with a lot of water acts as a cushion in the vertebral column. The water in the discs make the discs spongy and enable them to act as shock absorbers. Thus, the daily stress caused on our spine and back is minimised by these discs.

But, the daily wear and tear of these discs causes degeneration as we grow older and these discs tend to grow out of their radius through the spine crevice.Ai?? This is known as a bulging disc.

Does a Bulging Disc In Back Cause Pain?: There is one very important thing to understand before answering this question.

  • A bulging disc is quiet different when compared to a herniated disc. A bulging disc gradually evolves in the process of aging while a herniated disc is the result of a sudden trauma or severe injury.
  • A herniated disc is extremely painful and can cause several inconveniences. Usually, a bulging disc is not known to cause any pain unless and until the disc adheres to a nerve or develops into a hernia.
  • Bulging discs are usually diagnosed as a secondary condition to another severe problem. For discovering a bulging disc we need an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan. But, since the bulging disc causes no pain in most cases it is not found until MRI is used to locate other problems.

The answer to the question “does a bulging disc cause problems?” is mostly no and in some cases yes. Bulging discs are age related and a phenomenon not to be worried about unless they start interfering with nerves which would ultimately lead to pain.

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  1. Bulging disc gives me a lot of problem. I hope it will not become herniated disc. Thank you for this helpful post.

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