Is There Any Treatment For A Bulging Disc In Back?

Bulging disc in back are not a problem to worry about until they start causing pain. The problem with bulging discs is that they are not identified until there is pain. When the doctors actually perform a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan to locate the cause for pain, it is only then that the bulging discs are identified.

So, is there any treatment for a bulging disc in back?

Treatments for a Bulging Disc: Based on the location of the bulging discs, patients tend to experience pain either in the legs, hips or the back. So, it is important for a doctor to first identify the location of the misplaced disc.

  • A specialist would usually begin his treatment with the the help of anti-inflammatory drugs. The drugs could be a mix of pain relievers, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants. But, the biggest problem with medication is the return of the pain upon stopping your medication.
  • Pain relieving injections like cortico-steroid and epidurals are also prescribed when a patient complaints of severe pain. But, the effect of these injections is short-lived and the pain would automatically come back once the impact of the steroids recede.
  • Physical therapy is an effective option when compared to the above two. But, like with the other two, upon discontinuing your therapy, the pain would be back to haunt you.
  • The very rarely recommended and used last resort is a back surgery. The reason doctors do not recommend a surgery is due to it’s ineffectiveness and meagre success rate. Even patients who are lucky enough to be relieved of pain post a surgery would find out that the pain and discomfort would return after a few years.

Is There Any Treatment For A Bulging Disc In Back?: As already mentioned, bulging discs as such do not cause any pain. It is only when the bulged discs start applying pressure on the adjacent nerves that the pain is caused.

  • Upon studying the above mentioned treatments, you will find out that they are only trying to alleviate pain. But, the root cause for the pain, which is the pressurised nerve, is not being addressed. Thus, suggesting an effective treatment for bulging disc problems can be very tough.

So, if you have been wondering about is there any treatment for a bulging disc in back, the answer I’m afraid will have to be no. See a specialist and follow his advice and rest yourselves, but do not expect a permanent relief from pain.

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