5 Lesser-Known Eating Disorders You Should be Aware of !!!

When we think of eating disorder, only two conditions come to our mind- Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia. However, there are other lesser-known eating disorders which might prove equally harmful for the body. Know about them to stay away from them.


Night Eating Syndrome
People suffering from night eating syndrome consume the major part of their calories in the evening. They usually do not have anything in the morning because of the guilt of eating at night. They might even wake up in the middle of the night to eat something. People suffering from insomnia or other sleeping disorders might have night eating syndrome. It is also a major cause of obesity and is common among overweight people.

Orthorexia Nervosa
An abnormal obsession with eating healthy food is termed as orthorexia nervosa. Everyone likes to eat healthy and pure food but people with this eating disorder go to great lengths to ensure that they follow the rule. In case they break it, they punish themselves by fasting. Patients of orthorexia nervosa want to know the nutritious value of everything they eat, how much they eat and how it was prepared. This abnormal obsession with health disturbs their personal as well as professional life.

Pica is another strange eating disorder. In pica, the person has a strong craving to eat non-edible things like- mud, glue, rust, hair, starch, chalk, cigarette ashes etc. It generally happens as a result of mineral deficiency. This disorder is common among children and pregnant women. It might lead to poisoning and further complications like tear in the intestinal lining, damage to the teeth, infection etc. There are some terms for specific cravings:

Acuphagia – Craving to eat sharp things
Amylophagia – Craving to eat washing powder
Cautopyreiophagia – Craving to eat burnt matches
Coprophagia – Craving to eat feces
Geophagia – Craving to eat soil
Lithophagia – Craving to eat stones
Mucophagy – Craving to eat mucus
Pagophagia – Craving to eat ice
Plumbophagia – Craving to eat lead
Trichophagia – Craving to eat hair
Xylophobia – Craving to eat wood

Prader-Willi Syndrome
In Prader- Willi Syndrome, the person cannot stop himself from eating. The urge to eat is so strong that the affected person even starts lying, stealing, hiding, or worse, eating the pet’s food. This is a congenital condition, present since birth. It is associated with abnormality in the genes. Such people have a defect in the part of the brain which controls the hunger. Therefore, they never feel full even after overeating.

Nocturnal Sleep Eating Disorder
In Nocturnal Sleep Eating Disorder or Sleep Eating Disorder, the person eats and even prepares food in semi-conscious state or while they are sleeping. The patient does not remember the eating episode. It is a combination of eating as well as sleep disorder. People with this condition usually eat foods high in sugar and fats. They suffer from anxiety, anger and stress the following morning.

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