Top 5 Most Eligible Bachelors of the World

Women have always gone crazy for men who are single and have a strong and dynamic personality. Men who posses a knack for wooing women are the most hunted bachelors. Since they have the name, fame and money and ofcourse are still eligible bachelors which makes them top every women’s list. Below are top five eligible bachelors of the world.

Top 5 Eligible Bachelors of the World

Robert Pattinson- He’s played the sexy vampire in the movie Twilight. A lot of women around the world have gone gaga over his looks. After playing the character Edward in Twilight and known to be an eligible bachelor in Hollywood, he for sure has women’s hearts flutter. Robert Pattinson has the mysterious looks and still have women fall for him.

Rahul Gandhi- Rahul Gandhi is the son of Sonia Gandhi and late Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi. He for sure has a dynamic personality and possesses the qualities of a good politician. His Sober looks and soft personality has a lot of women go crazy for him. He for sure deserves to be among the most eligible bachelors in the world.

Enrique Iglesias- Enrique Iglesias is the most popular Spanish singer and music writer in the world. He is a very talented artist and has had many women fall for him. Inspite of his long time affair of nine years with the tennis player Anna Kournikova, he still has that spark in him to be among the eligible bachelors of the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo- He is one of the sexiest football player from Portugal. Ronaldo is also known to be the most expensive football player in the world. His career has taken him a long way and earned him the name and fame that any bachelor would want. Cristiano Ronaldo has caught the attention of many women which makes him one of the eligible bachelors of the world.

Rafael Nadal- Nadal is currently the No.1 Tennis player in the world. He has won many titles over the years that have shot him to the No.1 position in his career. Rafael Nadal’s playing style and strong personality has made women go bonkers over him. Nadal possesses all the qualities to be among the top five eligible bachelors of the world.

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  1. The article is nice, short and sweet.

  2. The article is good and it keeps people dated.

  3. um 4 out of 5 of those men are in relationships

  4. Mr. Nadal is more handsome on them

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