Is a Pinched Nerve in Foot a Serious Problem?

A pinched nerve can be due to the pressure exerted by the neighbouring tissues on to the nerve. Upon exertion of tissue pressure, the area affected would tend to go to sleep.

Along with numbness, there is every possibility you would experience excruciating pain in the affected area. It usually happens to the hand or foot when you are asleep.

The disruption of the nerve’s function due to the pressure causes the irritation and pain. But, is a pinched nerve in foot a serious problem?

Causes of Pinched Nerve in Foot: The exertion of the external tissue pressure on the nerve is called Neuroma. Neuroma can occur at any time and while performing any task, say like wearing a shoe.

  • Often sufferers of a pinched nerve are left confused with what exactly causes Neuroma and the pain accompanying it. The absence of an external wound would render the sufferer clueless with the cause of pain. But, the pain caused due to Neuroma is very severe and most patients report of a frequent pinched nerve in foot.
  • The region between the toes is the most affected area due to a pinched nerve and the nerve compressions can lead to severe pain in that region.
  • The reasons for this could be strenuous physical activities like running and exercising which lay a huge pressure on the toes and feet. When exercising there is every chance that you would over stretch your foot leading to a nerve contraction, automatically resulting in a pinched nerve.
  • Any joint related disorders may also increase the occurrence of a pinched nerve.

Treatment: Most people usually experience severe pain along with numbness when there is a pinched nerve. This might tend to increase when performing day-to-day activities.

  • Upon experiencing pain, it is better to stop any activity that is being performed. Rubbing the painful area gently is a must. If there is no pain and you just experience numbness, a simple shake of the foot would solve the problem.
  • Wearing shoes that fit your feet comfortably is suggested.
  • If you experience frequent pinched nerve attacks, it is better to see a specialist. Early diagnosis would help treat the problem easily. The specialist might suggest a few exercises or consider taping the foot for extra support. There is also medication available for pinched nerves. Only in very rare cases there would be a need for surgery.

Is a pinched nerve in foot a serious problem? Absolutely not. There is no need to panic when a pinched nerve sets in. Sure, the pain would be tough to bear, but effective treatment would alleviate the problem easily.

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