Top 5 Romantic Songs of All Times

One of the eternal and intrinsic aspects of romance is music. When you realize the power of love, your eyes open wider and your heart beats faster! You are more likely to listen to the soft, soothing melody of love songs. The mellifluous strains of a romantic song simply melts the heart. Most people prefer listening to love songs while in love as it perfectly goes with their mood. Many musicians have been recording wonderfully potent love songs over the years. It is a very difficult task to narrow down the list to top 5 romantic songs of all times. Hence, if you don’t find your favorite romantic song in the list, you can leave a comment.

These melodious romantic songs intensify the glorious feelings of love and enhance their moods. Even their sense of romance evolves while listening to the soothing, love songs. It is a tough call to choose the most romantic songs of all times. Although, there are a few eternal romantic songs which are loved by the romantic souls. But for the moment, sit back and relax. Pop a chocolate and read some interesting trivia about the songs which can make you feel romantic to the core.

5. ai??? Someone to Watch Over Meai??? – Ira and George Gershwin (1926)
This moody and lovely number has its origin from a light, frothy Broadway musical, ai???Oh, Kay.ai??? Many evocative renditions of this romantic number have been witnessed from the time it was first composed.

4. ai???Night and Dayai??? – Cole Porter (1932)
This mellifluous number is Porter’s most famous song till date. There is an effortless flow of words which finally culminates in a bold statement that life’s torments won’t last forever. There is a wishful promise of eternal love.

3. ai???First Time Ever I Saw Your Faceai??? – Ewan MacColl (1957)
This song is a slow-building flame which created a sensation when it was featured in ai???Play misty for Me,ai??? Clint Eastwood’s directorial debut in 1971. In many genres, this song has been recorded by various performers.

2. ai??? Unchained Melodyai??? – Hy Zaret and Alex North (1936)
William Stirrat was just 16 years-old when he penned down one of the most beautiful tales of longing and love as he was shy to ask the girl of his dreams. Almost 700 artists have recorded their version of this beautiful number over the years. The most famous version is sung by the Righteous Brothers.

And, coming to the most beautiful romantic ballad of all times, which touches the chords of many romantic souls.

1.ai???In Your Eyesai??? – Peter Gabriel (1986)
This song from the album, ai???Soai??? has been renowned to be the most beautiful romantic number ever recorded in the history of music. One can’t deny the power and passion of this song, with unusual lyrics and chords that delve on metaphysical and spiritual themes. One popular story about the song is that noted film director Cameron Crowe reportedly paid $2000 to get this song for his film, ai???Say Anything.ai???

There are other recent romantic numbers which are potential contenders for the most popular tag. These include: ai???Take My Breath Awayai???, ai???Everything I Doai???, ai???Truly Madly Deeplyai???, ai???My Heart Will Go Onai???, ai???I Just Called You To Say I Love Youai???, ai??? Come Away With Meai??? and ai??? From This Moment On. ai???

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