Top Five Most Fashionable Celebrity Kids

Celebrities are fashionable and accepted. But, their kids can sometimes overshadow them. More than the mommies and daddies, their kids are setting up the trend and making a fashion statement these days.

Summer was over in full fashion and the winter is approaching within no time, so whose celebrity kids will be the trend-setters this season? Today, most of the Hollywood celebrities compete with their children for getting the fashion headlines. Here are the top five most fashionable celebrity kids.

zahara-joliepitt5) Zahara Jolie-Pitt: She takes the fifth position among the top five most fashionable kids. Well, Angelina Jolie never seems to end her pursuit of perfection in her looks to acting to her wardrobe. She makes sure that even her daughter Zahara wears the same brand of clothes and accessories, starting from the matching Valentino purses to her jeans. Zahara in a cute T-shirt and in J Brand jeans simply looks amazing and adorable.

Violet Afflect

4) Violet Afflect: If you are looking for a typical American sweet girl, Violet Afflect, daughter of Jen Garner and Ben Afflect will automatically come to your mind. Violet Afflect pulls off the simple and plain yet attractive and fashionable look. As she is adorable like her celeb parents, she holds the fourth position among the top five most fashionable celebrity kids. You can find Violet in her signature outfit on any sunny day playing around the local playground.

Cruz Bekham

3) Cruz Beckham: Charming Cruz Beckham is the number three in this list. Like father like son, his charming and cute looks are the “mini version” of his father. Cruz Beckham has been seen wearing different type of clothes, from shorts with a plain-stripped tee shirt to a suit and tie, exactly like his charming and sexy-handsome dad. When walking hand in hand with his dad, no women can just take away their eyes from both of them as they look simply irressitible.

Kingston Rossale

2) Kingston Rossdale: Kingston Rossdale, son of the most sensational and sexy singer none other than Gwen Stefani, steals the heart of many other celeb parents and takes the second position among the top five most fashionable kids. His style can bring out the perfect inner rock star style of any child. He stole the attention of many kids and adults with his wild hairstyles and mismatched prints. And, it is for sure he’ll remain the trend-setter of this coming winter fashion as well.

suri Cruz1
1) Suri Cruise: Coming to the number one topmost fashionable celebrity kid, she is none other than the cutest little daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes is the most fashionable and best dressed woman. So, she picks the best outfits for her daughter Suri. And, Katie’s choices can never go wrong. Suri always looks her best and wears the most expensive dresses. Forget about the best dress, her mother Katie Holmes even hired a designer exclusively for her daughter, and therefore how one can expect anything bad from Suri’s outfit.

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  1. its nasty that Suri has to wear cloths that even a 12 year old cant wear do you think its mean.

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