Migraine Season Starts for School Kids

Kids around the U.S. are headed back to school, and to headaches. Many doctors opine that frequent migraines and headaches are a common complaint among children. But, the medical community usually ignores this problem. Many parents and pediatricians think migraines are an adult ailment. Moreover, many kids complain of migraines more during the school season than during summer holidays. So, parents think the kids are trying to pull a fast one to skip school.

Reasons for Kids’ Migraines
The reasons for kids’ migraines during school season could be weather changes, drinking insufficient water, skipping breakfast, rising early and staying awake late for studying. Medical experts say kids who complain about headache should not be ignored. Migraine attacks are accompanied by changes in the brain that can lead to symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to smells, sounds and lights, severe pain and dilated blood vessels.

Facts About Kids’ Migraine
About 10% of kids and 28% of teenagers are migraine sufferers. Puberty entails hormonal changes which could also trigger migraines. Childhood migraine is different from adult migraine. Migraine in kids can last from one hour and in severe cases for even about 72 hours. In adults, migraines typically last for four hours.

Besides, childhood migraines cause pain in the forehead and temples. Therefore, they are often wrongly diagnosed as sinus headaches. In a few cases, pediatric migraines may not cause headache pain, but can manifest symptoms such as vertigo, vomiting or abdominal pain.

Hoax or Real
In the U.S. there are only about 20 medical centers that focus on kids’ migraine. Therefore, most parents do not get expert advice on treating their children’s migraines. Besides, parents also think their child’s complaint about headache is merely a hoax. One 6-year-old boy complained daily about migraine, but was ignored by his parents as they thought he was trying to skip school. Finally, the parents sought treatment, which brought the kid’s migraines under control.

Migraine Research Foundation
Parents also opine that doctors do not take their child’s migraine complaints seriously. One girl was almost disabled by migraines, as her pediatrician neglected her complaints from when she was a toddler. Such incidents have led to the founding of the Migraine Research Foundation which works to increase awareness, and raise money for research on pediatric migraine. The foundation’s website lists a number of medical centers that treat children’s migraines.

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