Symptoms of Churg-Strauss Syndrome

Symptoms of Churg-Strauss Syndrome can lead to pre-mature death of cells and tissues. Cells of lungs, heart, skin, kidneys, gastrointestinal system, and peripheral nerves are affected by this autoimmune disease.

For people suffering from this disease and their loved ones, awareness of the signs is imperative as the treatment techniques primarily concentrate on keeping these signs in check. Unfortunately, there is no cure for these ailments.

Symptoms of Churg-Strauss Syndrome:

  • Asthmatic attacks – Apparent in majority of cases in the initial days of the ailment
  • Hemorrhagic skin lesions – Abnormal flow of blood causing formation of localized wound or injury in the skin
  • Raynaud phenomenon – A disease associated with the circulatory system of the body in which the blood supply to hands and feet is not sufficient leading to pain and numbness
  • Anemia – Low count of the red blood cells which provide oxygen to the entire body
  • Cardiac anomalies – Abnormality or defect in the functioning of the heart
  • Mild kidney function impairment
  • Peripheral neuropathies – Damage of the nerves of the nervous system
  • Intestinal complications
  • Pleuropulmonary anomalies – Abnormalities in lung tumors
  • Pericarditis – Swelling of a structure surrounding the heart
  • Myocarditis – Infection in the heart muscles leading to their swelling
  • Recurrent red multiform-like eruptions
  • Nodular skin lesions – A patch on the skin which looks different than its surroundings and involving a small mass of tissues or accumulation of cells
  • Eosinophilia – Abnormal rise in a type of white blood cells

Symptoms of Churg-Strass syndrome become apparent in stages. Several years pass by before the patients move from stage two to the final stage of the disease. Diagnosis always remains a challenge as it is rare in nature apart from being autoimmune.

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