Music Can Help to Relieve Pain In Newborn Babies

Music Can Help to Relieve Pain In Newborn Babies
Music is said to possess a lot of healing powers in it. Along with the healing powers it has, music can also help to relive pain in an individual. The sound of music can help the newborn babies in reducing their levels of pain. Music also aids in some of the medical procedures carried out and can also help the newborn babies in better oral feeding.

Music is an alternative to Painkillers
Music can be the best alternative when the patients are too young and vulnerable to be given painkillers. The benefits of music are undoubtedly very effective. Music can lower the problems associated with one’s heart and can also provide a soothing effect to relieve one’s pain.

The University of Alberta in Canada conducted its research on some of the healing effects music can have in relieving the pain of the newborn babies. Some of the studies included whether music could help the premature babies in developing their sucking skills. This can help them be better breastfed. Sometimes, music can also help the newborn babies to take up the bottle.

Some of the ways in which Music can Relieve Pain in Newborn babies can be explained as follows

  • It helps the babies to have better oxygen levels and also in having a better circulation of blood in their body.
  • It also helps to lower the heart rates of babies and lower the levels of pain.
  • Music can be effective for the newborn babies in terms of pain reduction, behavioral states and physiological parameters during painful medical procedures.
  • Even during the painful procedure of circumcision, a lot of babies who had music playing in the back ground during the process of circumcision experienced lower levels of pain.
  • Music also helps the newborn babies to be better breastfed, as breast feeding the newborn babies can be really difficult during the initial phases till the baby learns to breast feed.

These are some of the ways in which music can help to relieve the pain in newborn babies and also the added advantages music can have on the newborn babies.

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