Chronic Pain Can Speed Up Aging Process

Chronic Pain Can Speed Up Aging Process
The younger individuals today who seem to be prone to chronic pain conditions are always more liable to the aging process. The recent studies suggest that people suffering from chronic pain begin to experience reduced mobility, functionality and agility much earlier compared to the normal.

What do the Studies have to say?
The researchers from the United States surveyed the data of more than 18,000 volunteers. Most of these volunteers were above the age of 50 years. These volunteers were subjected to a lot of questions such as how often were they troubled by pain and whether the pain they were experiencing was mild or severe.

Once the people expressed their type and intensity of pain, they were categorized into two types. One were those who experienced an immense amount of pain and the others whose pain was mild. People who reported to have experienced higher levels of pain had much fragility and were less agile when compared to people who experienced lower levels of pain.

The need for Addressing both the Disability and the Pain
One of the problems faced by the researchers and investigators was that whether it was the pain that caused the disability or whether it was the disability that caused the pain. The end conclusion was a probability of both. It is the pain along with the disability which can make the problems worse in the downward spiral. Hence, both the pain and the disability of an individual must be addressed and treated for betterment of an individual.

How does Chronic Pain Speed up the Aging Process?
The relentless stress and strain an individual goes through when experiencing chronic pain can make an individual to start aging early. The muscles and the cells in an individual can get deprived of the essential oxygen and blood supply they need. Once the cells are deprived of the essential oxygen they require, they begin to get worn out and die. This can cause a person to develop wrinkles a lot earlier than usual.

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