10 Foreign Words Used In English

Based on the history of the English language, English was developed from the fusion of dialects and language brought by the Germanic settlers to the eastern coast of the Great Britain. It is estimated to be originated at the beginning of the 5th century from the Old English (now called). The word English is believed being derived from the name ai???Anglesai??i??. More than 309-400 million people speak English as their first language and more than 199-1400 million speak English as their second language, adding up to overall 500 million to 1.8 billion people speaking English.

According to a rough estimation, out of the total 80,00 words in English language, 28% emerged from the Latin language, 28% from the French and the remaining 25% from the Germanic languages. We have gathered 10 such words that are not English but are used in English language. Now impressing someone with your grab and knowledge over the English language is not difficult. Go through our article below to know in details.

10. Poltergeist
A Poltergiest includes some kind of paranormal, ghostly activities or activities that are difficult to understand and believe. This word has been derived from two German words ai??i??

  • ai???Polternai??? ai??i??to make noise
  • ai???geistai???- ghost

9. Placebo
Placebo is a common term used during the drug testing. It is used as an inert medicine given to a group used as the control to determine the efficacy of a drug. It is derived from a Latin word which meant ai???I shall pleaseai???.

8. Loot
Loot is a word often used in terms of some treasure. It is an Anglo-Indian word, derived from a Hindi word, ai???lutai???. This word came into English when the British occupied India during the 18th century. ai???Lutai??? meant stealing some item during a riot or war.

7. Kudos
ai???Kudosai??? is an ancient Greek word meaning ai???gloryai???. Glory was obtained over win in a battlefield. And the soldier was rewarded with kudos or his earned due.

6. Khaki
The British Army was easily identifiable with their bright red uniforms anywhere and everywhere they go. This brought them a nick name ai???the redcoatsai??? and could be targeted easily by enemies. Thus, they started wearing a more sensible color, which they found and brought from India, during their colonization of India. This cloth was called Khaki, which meant earth or dusty in Hindi.

5. Juggernaut
This word might be related to the X-Men villain but is not an English word. It is a Sanskrit word meaning the ai???Lord of universe and a avatar of Lord Krishna. When the British visited India, they witnessed the famous car festival of Lord Jagannath. There the name, Juggernaut was heard of who was represented as a young boy playing flute.

4. Glitch
Two words; ai???glitshenai??? (Yiddish) and ai???glitschenai??? (German) which meant slide or slip were believed to form the word Glitch. The American astronauts used this word for the first time to mean a spike in an electrical current (some kind of designing misfortune).

3. Confetti
In Italy, confetti means ai???candyai???.

2. Berserk
Berserk meant ai???Bear shirtai???, which the warriors used in place of their armours. They believed they would be blessed with bearai??i?? energy by wearing bearai??i??s kin. This was a common term used to describe the Viking warriors. Sir Walter Scott was the first man to use it in English in his book, the Pirates.

1. Assassin
This Arabic word is believed to have originated back in the 9th century, when the Suni Muslims were on the verge of being thrown by the Islamic sect. A group by name Hashshashin (meaning hashish-eaters) was formed by Yemeni Shiite Hasan-I Sabbah to target their enemies. In the year 1603, this group was given an English name ai???assassinai??? and was converted into English.

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