Environment Blamed For Obesity in the United States

WHY are Americans becoming fatter and fatter? It is easy to explain – they eat more junk food and spend more time watching television, or in front of screens, computer or phone. One best and simple advice for healthier lives is a modification in behaviour. Children should exercise more and people should eat more fresh food.

Environment Causes Obesity:
Unfortunately, behaviour changes will not work automatically without seismic societal shifts. Medical professionals say excess eating and very less exercising are the symptoms of a huge malady. The major and real problems are inexpensive fast-food meals, inner cities which lack supermarkets, high stress, unhealthy workplaces and saturation advertising for sugary, fatty products. Briefly, it is due to the environment.

“Everyone knows that one should not consume junk food and must exercise”, says the director of Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, Kelly D. Brownell. “But the nature makes it very difficult that some people may do these things and later one has a public health calamity.” Dr. Brownell has done doctorate in Psychology and is among the researchers who are proposing changes to food availability, pricing and advertising.

Environment Change Required:
The Director of the Health Management Research Center at University of Michigan, Dee W. Edington says that health researchers are grappling in fixing the root causes of obesity. He also adds that, “if a modified person is left in the same environment, he may be back to his old behavior”. This is possible only if you change the environment and culture, and then one can be back into a healthy environment and then one can stick to the changes.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 72.5 million adults in America are obese. In 2009, nearly 27% of adults complained they were obese when compared with 20% in 2000.

Fast-food restaurants may charge less for value meals of French fries and hamburgers than salad as the government subsidizes the soybeans and corn used for vegetable oil and animal feed, says the professor of nutrition, Barry Popkin. He also says that, if subsidy is given for whole milk, thus making it cheaper for drinking low-fat milk, people would drink it and reduce the intake of several calories.

All Sides Need to Make Effort to Reduce Obesity Levels:
Corporate sector efforts are not completely liberal. It is inexpensive for organisations to maintain the health of workers than covering the medical expenses of obesity and other health problems such as diabetes. Some organizations aim at increasing the physical activity of their employees as well as minimize their kids’ computer and television time.

Though these ideas are pleasing, obesity architecture is so firm that policy makers, families, communities, companies and individuals need to follow several efforts for displacing and replacing it.

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