Top 5 Historical Mysteries

There is countless number of stories or tales which have ended without any ending. These are called mysteries which are puzzling the world and several authorities since years, but are still unsolved. We have gathered the list of top 5 unsolved mysteries, which are known to us but are much away from any kind of rational explanations. The list of strange but interestingly unsolved mysteries are mentioned below ai??i??

5. The Mystery of Stonehenge
The Stonehenge built in the Southern England over more than 6,400 years will always remain a question mark. Lack of knowledge, evidences and documents are the major reason for not being able to solve this mystery. 30 upright stones weighing 26 tons and 30 horizontal stones were placed to create a monument. But the significance of the construction and the stones are yet to be discovered though it has perplexed the human society since years and has become a major tourist attraction.
Related Theories
Some say that the giant blue stones have healing powers, while other say that the Stonehenge was built as a place to celebrate the lives of the dead. These theories gained popularity with the discovery of several burials near the area.

4. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States. He was assassinated on 22nd November 1963 (Friday) at 12:30 p.m. in Dallas, Texas. He was shot in his head and back fatally while riding in a Presidential motorcade with his wife, Jacqueline. After about 45 minutes of the shots, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. After hours of investigation, he was accused of murder, though none of the proper procedures of interrogation and investigation were followed. On November Oswald was killed in the Police building at the garage by Jack Ruby in presence of several of journalists and witnesses. According to the Warren Commission created by President Lyndon B. Johnson, Oswald was found to be the lone shooter.
Related Theories
Several conspiracies have been smelled surrounding the assassination of the President. The theory of a lone shooter, cover-ups by the Federal Reserve, the CIA and the CIA agents, the new President Lyndon B. Johnson, Israeli Government and many more have gathered and remained unsolved till date.

3. The Crystal Skulls
Till date 13 crystal skulls have been found throughout the South and Central America. The most famous skull is claimed to be the Mitchel-Hedges Skull. Next names are the British Museum skull, the Paris Skull, the Smithsonian Skull, the Mayan Skull, the Amethyst Skull, the Texas Skull the ET Skull, the Rose Quartz Skull and the Brazilian Skull. The list is made based on their expeditions.
Related Theories
Many believe that the Mayans or the Aztecs have carved the Crystal Skulls. Others claim their construction by aliens, while a few others believe that they were either left behind a society who lives in a hollow centre of earth or were constructed and brought from the Atlantis or Lemuria. The main concern remains about the advanced technology used in carving which is far behind the reach of anyone during the Neolithic times.

2.The Riddle of the Sphinx
Who does not know the Great Sphinx at Giza, but does anyone has any information about how old is it, who built it and what was the passageway built for ? I guess many would have many answers but which is the most correct ? In Greece, Syria and Phoenicia, the Sphinx was a symbol of power. People believe that when anybody crossed the path of the Sphinx, it would ask a question, ai???What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three in the evening?ai??? . If the person could answer it correctly, the Sphinx would let him go else would devour him on answering incorrectly. Only one Greek hero Oedipus answered the question correctly as ai???Manai??? and survived.
Related Theories
Several researchers of conventional science stated that the Sphinx was carved BC by the Pharaoh Kafre around 2500. Three passages have been found along with several uncovered anomalies.

1. Jack the Ripper
If you had visited the London Dungeon, then Jack, The Ripper will not be a new name for you. This is one of the most old unsolved murder mystery which has led waves of fear among the inhabitants of the Victorian London. Everything related to these murders are mysteries. Starting form the number of murders (some say there were 9, others say there were 5 while a few say the number as 4), identity of the killer, letters posted to the Police related to the murder, everything is unresolved till today.
Related Theories
Several names have come up as suspects of the murderer like – Aaron Kosminski, Dr Francis J. Tumblety, George Chapman, Michael Ostrog, Montague John Druitt and Thomas Cutbrush. Some theorized suspects point at Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, Lewis Carroll (author and mathematician), Dr. T. Neil Cream, Frederick Deeming (criminal), Walter Sickert, Francis Thompson (poet ) and many more.

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