What is Hip Pain | Tips to deal with It

Hip Pain
Hip pain often starts with people finding it difficult to sit or squat. They experience an immense amount of pain when doing so. The region or the muscles of hip can hurt a lot, whenever they are subjected to some pressure.

Hip pain can hurt people a lot when they try to sit or sleep. Most of the people affected with hip pain often have a tough time sleeping at night. A lot of people consider going under the knife to relieve their hip pain. This can be due to the excessive amount of pain an individual goes through in carrying on day to day activities.

Getting a surgery done or going for the hip replacement is not the only way one can relieve one’s hip pain. There are some alternative methods or treatments which can help a person to deal with his/her hip pain in a better way.

Some of the Ways to deal with Hip Pain can be outlined as follows:

Try to Maintain Balanced Weight
Most of the aliments such as body pain, knee pain or hip pain start due to being overweight. Every person has an ideal weight he/she is supposed to maintain. This can be called as the Body Mass Index(B.M.I). According to the height and the body of an individual, each individual is given an ideal weight. If a person crosses his/her ideal weight, the body is subjected to a lot of pressure in carrying the weight.

If a person tries to maintain balanced weight most of the unnecessary burden and pressure on an individual can be released, thereby lowering the chances of hip pain.

The muscles in the body can be maintained in a stronger and healthier way by exercising. However, one must be careful about the exercises one chooses while experiencing hip pain. One must choose exercises which are simpler and effective. One can get a list of these exercises from a physiotherapist.

Apply Ice
Inflammation of the joints near the hip region can cause a lot of pain. One of the best ways to relieve hip pain is by applying ice on the affected parts. One can apply ice on the parts of the hip 4 to 5 times a day in order to relieve one’s hip pain.

Take Supplements
There are many supplements available which can strengthen the cartilage which supports one’s hips. By taking supplements which are rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, one can restore the damaged cartilage. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and omega 3 fish oil are very useful in lubricating the joints in the hip and can also help to provide efficiency of movement.

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