Does Hypnosis Work To Relieve Pain?

Does Hypnosis Work To Relieve Pain?
Sometimes, the effect hypnosis has on people is overrated. But, there are some people who can vouch how well hypnosis has helped them in overcoming their pain or ailments.

Doctors today are fast utilizing the benefits of hypnosis in helping the patients deal with their ailments. Hypnotherapy is fast gaining popularity in being effective for pain management and depression.

How does Hypnosis Work?

  • Helps in Programming One’s Mind

Hypnosis works by programming one’s mind. The mind can be divided into the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, unconscious mind and the collective conscious mind. Most of the beliefs and the memories are stored in the subconscious part of the mind. By training and programming one’s subconscious mind, it is said that a lot of people can manage their pain and related ailments in a better way.

  • Helps in keeping the Mind Serene

In order to program one’s subconscious mind, an individual must pacify or make his/her conscious mind silent. Once the conscious mind of an individual is silent, the hypnotist or the hypnotherapist will give subliminal messages to the subconscious part of the mind. By giving these subliminal messages frequently to the subconscious mind, they eventually turn into a belief.

This is the method, one uses in hypnosis. The pain in an individual can be managed by giving positive subliminal messages that can help a person to relax and to manage his/her pain.

How Does Hypnosis help an individual to Relieve Pain?

  • Lowers the Hyperactive state of an Individual

When a person is experiencing severe pain, the chemical activity in his/her body can be very intense. The brain can have a very high chemical activity going on in it. Hypnosis can help an individual to lower or to pacify the chemical activities going on in the body. By lowering these chemical activities a person can also lower his/her levels of pain.

Hypnosis mostly deals with giving positive subliminal messages to the subconscious part of the mind. This in turn can help an individual to manage his/her pain in a better way.

4 responses to Does Hypnosis Work To Relieve Pain?

  1. Well, it does and I do it quite a lot in my practice.As a working hypnotist pain management is a little cool thing that I can teach my clients in a couple of minute.And, as long as the person wants to do it, it works each and every time!

  2. Self hypnosis is like hypnosis in its total mental focus and fading of the usual orientation to general reality. However, in self-hypnosis, successful persuasions toward behavioral changes are effected through suggestions made by the self.

  3. Hi
    my husband suffers from a disease that no medicine has been able to alleviate the pain for him
    Any info you can send me to help him would be so appreciated.
    Self hypnosis and any guidance.
    Please help

  4. can any body help, my wife had a back operation 3 years ago, ‘doctors told us it will will heal in a few weeks!! bull %&*’ she has had pain and i mean pain for the last 3 years. we have tried all the pain medication there is on the market nothing helps. can any hopnosis please help. thank you.

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