Cholera – Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies for Cholera

Cholera is an acute disease that is caused by an infection to the intestine. This is caused by a bacterium Vibrio Cholerae where a person can suffer from mild to severe diarrhoea. Some of the characteristics of this infection are abdominal cramps, watery stools which smell like fish and occur mostly within the age of 1 to 5 years. This infection can range from mild to severe symptoms. When the infection gets severe, it can get complicated and result in shock and death of the person.

Cholera can be treated easily. The treatment includes:

  • Antibiotics can be given to reduce the infection.
  • The dosage differs according to the severity of the infection.
  • Water and electrolyte imbalance can be corrected by replacement therapy.
  • Oral re-hydration therapy can be given to replace the salts and lost fluids.
  • Eat foods that are cooked properly.
  • Drink boiled water to prevent further infection.
  • Itai??i??s always better to isolate a person suffering from this disease.
  • The health care providers should be told to wash hands once they touch cholera patient.
  • Pain killers can be given if a person has abdominal cramps.
  • Anti-diarrhoeal drugs may be administered for mild to severe diarrhoea.
  • Human excreta should be disposed properly.
  • The water supply should be purified properly.

Prevention of Cholera
Cholera is transmitted through contaminated food and water. The outbreak of this disease can occur in any part of the world where sanitation, water supply, hygiene and food safety are inadequate.

  • Drink water that is boiled or water that is treated with iodine or chlorine.
  • Avoid foods that are not cooked properly or raw fish and shellfish.
  • Avoid those foods and drinks made by street vendors.
  • Eat thoroughly cooked food.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables after washing properly.
  • When cooking vegetables, see that they are cooked properly.
  • Do not bring perishable seafood.
  • Strict maintenance of sanitation facilities and check for proper water purification.
  • Before using fruits and vegetables must be washed with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Vaccines for cholera are available as they give a better immunity.
  • The side-effects are less when compared to the old available vaccines.
  • Health education should be given to the rural population regarding the disease as this is an important factor in prevent and control cholera.

Home Remedies for Cholera
Some of the common home remedies include:

  • Lemon juice can be used to kill cholera bacilli as it acts in a short period of time. This juice can be taken in a salted beverage or sweetened form.
  • Guava root bark can be used in half litre of water to make decoction and this can be taken twice daily.
  • Onion is another beneficial remedy for cholera. Thirty grams of onion is taken along with seven black peppers finely ground. This mixture is given twice daily.
  • Bitter Gourd juice is prepared and two teaspoons of lemon juice is taken and this mixture is taken twice daily.
  • Juice of cucumber leaves are made and mixed with equal quantities of tender coconut water. This is helpful in relieving excessive thirst in cholera.
  • Cloves are very much useful in the treatment of cholera. Four grams of cloves are boiled in three litres of water, till half of the water gets evaporated. This should be given to the patient suffering from cholera several times a day.

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