What is Tennis Elbow | Myths and Facts

What is Tennis Elbow | Myths and Facts
Tennis elbow is common term used to describe an aliment of people in the sports arena. The term tennis elbow is used to describe a condition where the elbow of an individual is seriously injured. This condition was common among the tennis players due to the excessive stress and they strain they have to put on their elbows in playing tennis. As it was a common symptom among the tennis players the name tennis elbow is given to this condition.

What is Tennis elbow?
Tennis elbow is a condition where the muscles and tissues in and around the region of the elbow become tender and sore. If a person tries to make even a simple movement with with his/her elbow, it can result in severe and unbearable pain. Tennis elbow is also known as “Lateral Epicondylitis” which is a medical term to represent the inflammation of the outer elbow.

Some of the Symptoms of People Suffering from Tennis elbow can be outlined as follows:

  • They experience an immense amount of pain in the outer part of their elbow.
  • The tissues and the layers of cells become sore, which can causes a major part of the bone to be visible outside the elbow.
  • A person may find it hard and painful to make even simple movements with his hand and elbow.
  • A person may find his arms and the elbow region really stiff especially at early morning.

What are the Risk factors involved with the Tennis elbow?

  • One of the factors a person must be careful about is his/her age.
  • With growing age an individual becomes more susceptible to developing tennis elbow.
  • One of the best measures a person can take is to go for the tennis elbow braces which are very beneficial in correcting tennis elbow.

What are the Treatments available for Tennis elbow?
The treatment for tennis elbow starts with physical therapy. One of the most commonly used products is the tennis elbow braces. They are helpful in supporting the affected region. They are also useful to reduce the pressure one puts on one’s elbow. There are different tennis elbow braces available according to one’s need and requirement.

Using these braces regularly can help to correct one’s tennis elbow. However, one must be careful to not exert excessive pressure or strain on one’s elbow in order to prevent such ailments or conditions.

2 responses to What is Tennis Elbow | Myths and Facts

  1. Great post. As a former tennis elbow sufferer, I can tell you that tennis elbow is no laughing matter. It can be a long haul to fully recover but the good news is that you can. One of the questions that I had when I was first diagnosed with tennis elbow was, could I still exercise even though I had tennis elbow and would it make my condition worse or my recovery longer.

    The short answer was yes. You can still exercise if suffer from tennis elbow.

    Stay healthy,

  2. You may not want to wear tennis elbow all the time because it can restrict movement. You may also attempt to move in an abnormal way to conform to the restriction of the tennis elbow brace. This can risk you from moving and stretching your muscles in an abnormal way and can cause additional damage.
    Braces are good remedies only when you get injury and not as a long task of wearing them. Correcting your posture and doing strengthening exercise is a great option.


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