Top 10 Lost Cities and Mysteries about them

A ai???lost cityai??? is a very mysterious term which most of us would have definitely heard about during our entire lifetime. When a city is abandoned or left to decay is mostly termed as a ai???lost cityai???. War, natural disasters, migration of inhabitants etc. are a few of the relevant causes that can cause a city to be denoted as ai???lostai???. All those cities which are lost and discovered later have been observed to have left a complete civilization frozen in history. Discovery and re-discovery of such lost treasure and civilizations has always been fascinating. The top ten lost cities which are most talked about are mentioned below. These cities are basically based on archaeological records, observations of adventurers or imagination of historians.

10. The City of the Caesars
Based on the South American myths, the City of the Caesars is a popular name. It is also famous as the City of Patagonia or the Wandering City. People believe that the Wandering City is located at the Patagonia, the southernmost tip of South America. The survivors of Spanish shipwreck were believed to be the founders of the city. They were considered to possess huge amounts of jewellery and gold. The most interesting facts associated with it says that it was inhabited by 10-feet tall giants who could appear and disappear over their wish.

9. Troy
Troy gained popularity with the epic poems of Homer. According to those, this city was a legend and was located in modern day Turkey, which stood near the river Scamander on a hill. During the 1870s, Heinrich Schliemann excavated the city for the first time and discovered that numerous cities had been built on top of another.

8. The Lost City Of Z
The lost city of Z was supposed to be located deep in the jungles of Brazil. It was believed to have a sophisticated and advanced network of temples, roads and bridges. The first evidences were found in documents written by a Portuguese explorer, who insisted his visit to the city during the year 1753. Since then no other evidences have been found. The most mysterious fact associated with it was about Percy Fawcett, an explorer, who vanished during the exploration.

7. Petra
Petra is believed to be one of the most beautiful cities, located near the Dead Sea in Jordan and the centre of the Nabataean caravan trade. The stone architecture carved on the surrounding mountains, out of the rocks, is its most striking feature. Many people say that it had several technological advancements including dams etc. But the city declined following the conquer by the Romans. During A.D. 363, an earthquake crippled majority of the city.

6. El Dorado
The El Dorado is a famous empire based on the myths entirely was supposed to be located within the South American jungles. In Spanish, El Dorado meant ai???the Golden Oneai???. Powerful kings and several treasures of gold and jewels were thought to be the fascination behind several expeditions, which led to the disastrous abandonment of the city.

5. Memphis
Memphis was believed to be the capital of the Ancient Egypt and was founded during the 3,100 B.C. It got abandoned with the gradual rise of Alexandria and Thebes. It was expected to be populated by more than 30,000 residents. It was rediscovered by a Napoleonic expedition during the late 1700s. It was found to have sphinx, temples and statues.

4. Angkor
The Angkor region was found at the Cambodia and was regarded as the governing centre of power for the Khmer Empire. It declined slowly by the invasion of the Thai army in the year1431. This city was left until the 1800s till the French archaeologists studied to restore it. It was found to possess a temple of Angkor Wat, which is considered the largest religious monument existing today.

3. Pompeii
The Roman city of Pompeii was destroyed by the Volcano Vesuvius in AD 79. The eruption of the volcano claimed the entire community and buried them under 60 ft of rock and ash. More than 20,000 inhabitants were believed to have settled in the city during the destruction. It was then rediscovered in the year 1748 accidentally by workmen who were engaged in building a palace for the King of Naples.

2. Atlantis

The city of Atlantis had been regarded not less than any myth. Several speculations surrounded it since Plato, an philosopher wrote about it for the first time during 360 B.C. He described the city full with advanced civilization and alarming naval power. Before sinking into sea, this city is believed to have conquered most parts of the Europe prior to its sinking into the sea.

1. Machu Picchu
No other city discovered or yet to be discovered can be more mysterious than the city of Machu Picchu. This city was ever found or talked about till the historian, Hiram Bingham visited it in the year1911. It was believed that the whole population was abandoned not less than 100 years back due to smallpox brought from the European world.

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