Atopic Dermaitis – Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies for Atopic Dermaitis

Atopic Dermaitis is also called eczema which is the itchy inflammation of the skin which is a chronic condition. This is usually accompanied by hay fever or asthma. This condition is mostly seen in infants and children, but this can continue into adulthood. This can affect any area and has frequent flares, but it may result in the malfunctioning of the body’s immune system. Self-care treatments like using creams or ointments and avoiding the use of soaps can relieve itching. Consult your doctor, if the symptoms disturb you from your daily routine or prevent you from sleeping.

The main aim for the treatment of atopic dermatitis is to reduce the inflammation and reduce the itching. Over-the-counter medications can be taken to control mild ectopic dermatitis. Items that trap dust like down comforters, carpets, pillows and drapes can worsen the condition.


Corticosteroids are those medicines that are found in the form of creams, ointments to relieve itching and reduce the scaling of the skin.Before using this medications, consult your doctor. Long term use may result in discoloration, skin irritation, infections, stretch marks and thinning of the skin.
Antibiotics may be given when a person suffers from bacterial skin infection and these drugs are prescribed for a short period of time to treat the recurrent infection.
Antihistamines may be given for severe itching, but these drugs can make you feel sleepy and helpful at bedtime. If the skin has open sores, then the doctor may advise for wet dressings.
Oral Corticosteroids are prescribed to reduce the inflammation and control the signs and symptoms.
Immunomodulators are those medications that affects the immune system and help maintain normal skin texture. This also reduces the flares.
Light Therapy: In this treatment natural and artificial lights are used that involves the exposure of skin to a limited amounts of natural sunlight. The other forms of light therapy includes the use of artificial ultraviolet A or ultraviolet B either alone or in combination, but this therapy has many side effects that include premature aging and skin cancer.

The most important way to prevent future bouts of dermatits is to prevent drying of the skin. Here are some tips to help you minimize the drying of the skin. They include:

  • Many people who are prone to this infection need not bathe daily.
  • Do not bath for a day or two.
  • Take bath for 15 to 20 minutes, and use warm water than hot water.
  • Try to use bath oil as this may help to reduce the dryness of the skin.
  • When buying soaps, buy those that are mild and those that does not remove the natural oils.
  • Deodorants and antibacterial soaps can dry your skin very often.
  • Apply soap to your face, hands, feet, underarms and genital areas.
  • Use the palms of your hands and brush your skin.
  • Dry yourself carefully and gently pat the skin dry with a soft towel after bathing.
  • Thick moisturizers can be used to reduce the dryness of the skin.
  • Try to apply baby oil, while your skin is moist.
  • Oil has more power to stay than the moisturizers as they prevent the evaporation from the skin.
  • Moisturizers can be applied as they are act like a thick seal over the skin preventing the loss of water from the skin.

Natural Remedies for Atopic Dermatitis
Here are some of the easy to make and use home remedies:

  • Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of camphor and sandalwood paste. Apply this over the affected areas.
  • Nutmeg paste can also be applied on the affected areas.
  • Oat meals bath is very effective in reducing the itching.
  • Cod liver oil, vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel can be applied on the affected areas.
  • Shark cartilage helps to reduce the inflammation.
  • Apply a lotion that is made from blueberry leaves, as this is an effective method to relieve the inflammation.
  • Sun bath helps in the killing of the harmful bacteria.
  • Drink fresh tomato juice for treating the symptoms.
  • Boil 200 grams of mustard oil and then add 50 grams of margosa or neem leaves to the oil. Leave the oil to cool, then sieve it and apply this mixture four times daily.
  • Take zinc pills orally.
  • Coconut oil can be applied over the skin to prevent further drying of the skin.

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