Top Six Unusual Body Piercings

Body modifications are today the most favourite topic to talk about at dinner parties or clubs. And, as body modification is becoming the mainstream of fashion today, unusual body piercings are a great way to make a fashion statement and set yourself different and unique from the crowd.

There are various ways and factors that can make the piercing unusual and which can be defined as an ai???unusual piercingai???. It can because of jewelry, placement or technique. If you are considering getting an unusual piercing, make sure you do enough research about these piercings before you get it done. Here are some of the most popular types of unusual body piercings.

Surface Piercings: Those piercings which do not insert through the inside of a particular body part are called surface piercings. Instead, they are placed just below the skin surface. Surface piercings need to be carefully performed and measured by a professional piercer, who is proficient in the technique of piercing.

The piercing spot needs to be measured carefully before piercing, since the surface bar used for surface piercing is not flexible. The surface bar consists of a straight long bar having an angle of 90 degrees at each end of the bar.

Nape Piercings:nape piercing Nape piercing is the most popular types of surface piercings. This piercing is usually done with a flexible material like Tygon or a special kind of surface bar. However, initial nape piercings should be done with a special surface bar in order to accommodate the swelling, and later you can change to another material when the swelling has decreased.

Wrist Piercings: wrist piercingThe piercing which is performed near the wrists, usually on the upper side, is called wrist piercing. It can be done either vertically or horizontally. This type of piercing has a high risk of rejection, scarring and migration, since there is a constant motion on your wrists.

Hip Piercings: This type of piercing takes a long time to heal and is very difficult to heal. Hip piercings are performed at the hipbones or placed just below your hipbones. These piercings need to be aligned carefully with the anatomy to avoid improper piercing and other piercing dangers. They can be done with flexible jewelry or surface bars.

Anti-eyebrow Piercings:antieyebrow These piercings are placed just below the eyebrow or near your eye corner. If you are considering anti-eyebrow piercing, make sure that you get it done by a professional piercer, since they are often done incorrectly and cause many risks and dangers. Migration, rejection and scarring are some noticeable dangers in this type of piercing.

Micro-dermal Piercings: They are also popularly known as dermal anchors, which are relatively a new form of body modification or art. This piercing consists of single piercing, where only a portion of the jewelry can be seen above the skin surface. Below the skin, the jewelry is kept in place with the help of a titanium plate. This plate has many holes to enable tissue to grow through, firmly anchoring the jewelry. Steel is not advisable as it may cause rejection.

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