Bad Breath – Treatment of Bad Breath

Bad Breath, bad odor or halitosis are terms that describe an unpleasant odor when the breath is exhaled. It is a very embarrassing condition and can cause problems in the interpersonal relationships. The most common cause comes because of food particles that get trapped in between the teeth in the mouth. This becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria and other causes include poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease and smoking tobacco products. Treatment for bad breath can depend on the cause and the underlying health condition.

Treatments for Bad Breath
Treatment can vary depending on the cause of this oral disorder. The best way to treat is to consult your doctor. The other treatment options include:

  • Dental Disease: Treat the underlying teeth disease by consulting a dentist. If you have a gum disease, then it may result in pulling it away from the teeth, that leads to deep pocket that causes the collection of odor causing bacteria. These bacteria can be removed professional cleaning and the dentist fill the sockets which can stop the breeding of bacteria.
  • Underlying Disease: If a person suffers from any of the diseases like diabetes, then take the needed  treatment. This may reduce the bad breath.
  • Mouth Rinses and Tooth Pastes: A doctor may recommend mouth rinse to kill the bacteria and specialized tooth pastes to reduce the bacterial growth. This improves the oral hygiene as this contains an antibacterial agent that reduces the plaque buildup. Use fluoride toothpaste to remove the food and plaque that gets accumulated. Stop chewing or smoking tobacco products. Ask your doctor to tell you about the best mouth washes and about other products used for oral hygiene.

Though over-the-counter mouthwashes may give you temporary relief, but use those products that have anti-septic properties in it. These mouth washes can kill the germs and keep up the oral hygiene.

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