Five Hottest Hollywood Celebrity Moms – 2010

Many sizzling Hollywood A-listersAi??have happily added a new role to their resumes: Doting motherhood! Hollywood mamas are hotter than ever, with all the baby fever creating a frenzy. These moms were successfully juggling with motherhood as well as their careers. It is not easy an easy task to narrow down the list to five most Hottest Hollywood Moms of 2010 as there are so many delicious and gorgeous moms in Hollywood. Here is a tribute to the new moms of Hollywood.

5. Sandra Bullock ai??i?? She’s the newest mom on the Hollywood block, and it is so exciting to include her in the list for 2010! As she is dealing with her husband’s cheating scandal, she has maintained a frame of dignity by privately and quietly raising an adorable baby boy named Louis. She is doing a commendable job by raising the boy on her own in such a period of turmoil!

4. Angelina Jolie ai??i?? The list for the Hottest Hollywood Moms would not be complete without Angelina Jolie. She and her “Greek-godai??? partner, Brad Pitt, are lovingly raising their six children. Is there a need we say more?

3. HalleAi??Berry ai??i?? Here is another gorgeous mom who simply never ages! She is a fabulous actress. Her flawless complexion, killer bod and adorable cherubic daughter are more than enough to make anyone go green with envy! Be on the lookout because she’s newly single again! She has been recently crowned as Esquire magazine’s ai???Sexiest Woman Alive.ai???

2. GwenAi??Stefani ai??i?? This rocker chick is not only super hot and super stylish, but she is also a rocker mom to boot for! Whether she is playing with her adorable, little boys, gracing a red carpet occasion or simply grocery shopping, she’s always got red lips and killer shades on.
We completely envy her for her amazing sense of style, enviable figure and her two
adorable boys. But, the fact that she is married to GavinAi??Rossdale, member of the rock band, Bush, makes women go green with envy!

And narrowing down to the final contender in the Hottest Hollywood Moms list is none other than the Latino, sizzling beauty ai??i?? Jennifer Lopez.

1. Jennifer Lopez ai??i?? Jenny from the block has been recently looking even more gorgeous. How on earth is that possible? Briefly after giving birth to wonderful twins,Ai??EmmeAi??and Max, J Lo went on a fitness buzz. She hit the gym and started eating healthy. And lo and behold! She was back in the game in no time.

This super hot mom has astounded us with her beauty for time immemorial now and especially this year 2010. She is a mogul, incredible singer, designer and to top it, an actress! She truly deserves to be named the Hollywood’s Hottest Mom of 2010!

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