Body Lice – Treatment, Prevention and Remedies for Body Lice

Body lice are the tiny parasites, about the size of sesame seeds. They live on the human skin and clothing and feed on the blood. They commonly seen in the areas of armpits, groin and waist. The infestation with body lice is common in unhygienic conditions and in crowded areas. They act as vectors in spreading some disease conditions such as typhus. The treatment, prevention and remedies for body lice are discussed below.

Body Lice Treatment
Body lice can only be treated through good cleaning. They make a living on unhygienic and crowded conditions and seen in people who are homeless or those who cannot change their clothing frequently. To get rid of these body lice:

  • Take a shower or a long bath with hot-water
  • Put on fresh and clean clothes
  • Now get into work like washing bedding, furniture, carpets and anything else that had been infested with body lice.

Body lice lay nits or eggs. These nits hatch in a period of 30 days and get matured. Now they are enough to lay eggs in 7 days. This life-cycle of body lice is different from other lice such as public lice and head lice. They can live without blood i.e food source for 10 days. Hence, getting rid of body lice is little difficult.

The doctor may suggest body washing with a pediculicide shampoo. This shampoo contains malathion, lindane or permethrins that produce an effect on the body lice and help to get rid of them.

Prevention of Body Lice
The following measures help to prevent the risk of body lice infestation:

  • Wash the brushes, combs, bed linens and clothes regularly to prevent the risk of body lice infestation.
  • Practice safe sex as it lowers the risk of lice or any other related conditions.
  • Families should be very careful and have a regular look for lice as they can recur.

Natural Remedies for Body Lice
Aromatherapy and herbal ingredients are natural and are safest remedies to prevent and eliminate body lice.

  • Aroma-therapeutic remedies include Rose Geranium and Tea Tree Oil. They help in eliminating  body lice and resist the body from secondary infections.
  • Herbal remedies include lavender, rosemary and neem. They are very effective and are natural insect repellents. They possess anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

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