Body Lice – Causes and Symptoms of Body Lice

Body lice are tiny parasitic organisms that transmit by close contact with the affected people. The scientific name of these parasites is Pediculus humanus. These lice generally spread among people in states of poverty and extreme negligence. The eggs of the body lice stick to the cloth fibers instead of hair roots. They feed on the skin and derive nutrients from the skin. It is a uncommon condition and is responsible for transmitting some disease conditions such as typhus.

Causes of Body Lice
Body lice is spread due to the following reasons:

  • When you come in contact with the person who already is infested
  • When you come in contact with the infested bedding, towels and clothing
  • Living in unhygienic conditions and close places may increase the risk of infestation with body lice.

Body lice live in the foldings and fibres of cloth. They feed on the human blood. They deposit their waste and lay eggs on clothing and skin.

The chances of body lice infestation is less in following cases:

  • Regular bathing
  • Change of bedding once a week
  • Wearing freshly laundered clothing

Symptoms of Body Lice
The signs and symptoms experienced by a person with body lice include:

  • Red bumps on the skin
  • Severe itching
  • Areas around groin or waist become colored or thickened.

Diagnosis of Body Lice
The medical professional diagnoses the body lice by physically examining your skin and clothing.

  • Eggs of the body lice are called nits. They are seen in the clothing folds and fibres. They are commonly found in the armpits and around the waist.
  • Fully grown lice are seen on the skin and clothing. They are the size of sesame seeds, having 6 legs and are grayish-white in color.

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