Catatonic Schizophrenia – Prevention and Natural Remedies for Catatonic Schizophrenia

Catatonic schizophrenia is a psychiatric illness where a person suffers from group of symptoms. The most important symptom is immobility, where a person stays in a specific position for a long period of time. This is a very severe and life long mental illness that can affect every aspect of human functioning.


  • There is no way to prevent catatonic schizophrenia, but evidence states that some signs are present from early childhood .
  • If this disorder is identified and treatment is given at an early stage, may help in the control of the symptoms.
  • Sticking to the treatment plan can help prevent relapse and worsening of the condition.

Natural Remedies for Catatonic Schizophrenia
This is not an illness that can be treated on its own, but certain lifestyle changes at home can reduce the symptoms and can stabilize a patient. They include:

  • Take your medications regularly and resist the temptation to skip your medications.
  • Pay attention to certain warning signs that can cause a relapse and try to involve family and friends to identify the warning signs.
  • Illicit drugs and alcohol can worsen the condition, so get appropriate treatment for problems related to substance abuse.
  • When taking treatment for schizophrenia, contact the doctor before taking over-the-counter medications as these can interfere with schizophrenia medications.
  • Herbal tea that is prepared from chamomile, basil, St John’s wort, rosemary, sage and other similar herbs are the most popular natural remedies for schizophrenia.
  • Licorice, kava kava and passion flower are helpful in relieving some of the symptoms related to this disorder like stress and anxiety.
  • Tea prepared from the basil and sage in a cup of boiling water is used in relieving the problems with this psychological disorder.
  • Herbal tea that is prepared from Asian ginseng powdered. This is a very useful remedy for schizophrenia.
  • Yoga, ,meditation and aromatherapy are very much beneficial for schizophrenia, that is related to problems like anxiety and depression.
  • A healthy and a balanced diet is highly recommended to avoid problems like malnutrition.
  • The diet should contain different vegetable and fruits like carrots, peas broccoli, corns, Indian gooseberries, oranges and tomatoes.
  • Foods rich in vitamin B3, vitamin B6, zinc, manganese and vitamin C should be consumed.
  • Consumption of alcohol and the use of other illicit drugs should be restricted

Coping and Support
Coping with such illnesses can be quite challenging and many people may be tempted to stop treatment. Here are some simple tips to cope with this disorder. They include:

  • Firstly, learn about this disorder as this motivates you to take the treatment correctly without stopping in between.
  • Support groups can help you reach out to others who face similar challenges.
  • Focus on your goals by motivation as recovery from this disorder is the primary goal and work towards your goals.
  • Explore those activities that you enjoy the most like exercise and recreational activities.
  • Learn and try relaxation and stress reduction techniques.
  • Plan your daily activities and structure your time accordingly.

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