10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Dogs are the most preferred choice when it comes to choosing pets. They provide companionship, loyalty, love and support. Dogs can be trained easily and get along very well with children too. Research has proved that dogs have a profound effect on the owner’s personality and psychological attributes in a positive way. Most dog owners form an unbreakable bond with their pets. People who understand dogs truly would vouch that no family is complete without ai???man’s best friend.ai???

People have their favorites when it comes to choosing dogs as pets and we present to you the ten most popular dog breeds.

Labrador Retriever ai??i?? This is the most popular dog breed. Its gentle nature and adaptability to family homes makes it an ideal choice as a pet and companion. This breed was originally used for retrieving the prey while hunting. This shows the agility of the breed which can also be used for other purposes. This breed has also starred in movies like ai???Marley & meai??? and has made a permanent mark in the hearts of dog lovers.

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever ai??i?? Golden retriever is another popular breed from the retriever family. Their loving eyes, extremely friendly nature and insatiable appetite for mischief have made it one of the most preferred choice of pet among other breeds. They have an elegant air and a lovely golden coat which makes this breed stand out among the rest. Like Labrador retrievers, this breed was primarily bred for hunting but it established itself as a pet for homes too. They are also known for their loyalty and strong attachment with their owners.

German Shepherd ai??i?? German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and loyalty. They are also the most popular guide dogs and guard dogs. It can surprise its owners with its curiosity. This breed needs a lot of exercise as the it was originally bred for herding purpose. They are good at almost any kind of job assigned to them and are highly versatile. Because of their medium sized body they are quick, agile and flexible.

Pug ai??i?? The pug is one of the favorite dog breed among small dogs. Pugs are very sociable and are known for their playfulness as they never seem to get tired. Pugs can be a little fussy when they are young but they can be easily trained as they grow up. Pugs crave for attention and would always want to be close to their owners. They are also prone to certain health complications and require lots of attention, care and love.

Beagle ai??i?? Beagles are considered to be one of the cutest dog breeds. Their small size combined with those mischievous eyes make them an ideal choice of pet for families with children. It loves outdoors and one would never get bored with this breed. Beagles require lot of exercise and they can be a perfect match for equally active people. Beagles were initially used for tracking the prey during hunting. You can be assured of your children’s safety with a Beagle in the house as they love children.

Poodle ai??i?? Poodles come across to be very delicate and elite but they also make excellent pets. Most poodle owners flaunt them as status symbols. The uniqueness of this breed is that the owners can dye its fur with any color. They are highly intelligent but at the same time are easily adaptable with children too. They can get mischievous at times if they are not given enough attention.

Chihuahua ai??i?? Chihuahuas are also known as ai???purse dogsai??? as they can be easily carried by their owners. This breed has gained a lot of popularity as celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears own chihuahuas. It is a very lively breed and is highly alert. They can be noisy at times and are usually aggressive towards other breeds. They exhibit jealous streaks at times and need to be socialized early.

Irish Setter ai??i?? Irish Setters were primarily used for hunting. They are very accommodating, never act fussy and love to please their owners. With their long coat, they are also one of the most beautiful breeds. They are also compatible with other pets. They require firm handling as they are strong willed.

Collie ai??i?? This breed is very popular among dog owners and received more attention and limelight in the serial ai???Lassieai???. It was bred mainly for herding but this breed also established itself as a lovable family dog. They are easy to train and are very attentive. They are patient and calm which makes them a good choice for homes with children. The tri-colored coat gives a majestic look to this breed.

Boxer ai??i?? This breed has a peculiar way of fighting its opponent which mimics a punching action and that is how it got the name ai???Boxerai???. This breed is known to be high-spirited and full of energy. It is very protective and can be a playful partner for children too. It is a perfect choice for a family pet as it can fits into the role of a watchdog too. Its looks are deceptive and it is not as aggressive as it looks. It is courageous and soft-natured.

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  1. i think pomeraian,maltese,yorkshire terrier are pretty.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!! I WANT ALMOST ALL THESE DOGS!! YEAH… Excluding the chihuahua and the poodle… YUCKK!!!

  3. This is a great look at some of the popular dog breeds. No dachshund on the list? (Very popular with us city folk.) BTW, if anyone wants a quick humorous diversion, take a look at the top 10 world’s funniest dog breeds.

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  5. Good post, I have got two German Shepards myself.

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