Symptoms of Carcinoma of Unknown Primary

Every year thousands of patients in the United States are diagnosed with cancer being in the advanced stage. However, the location from where the disease originates remains unknown in certain cases. Such cases are termed as cancer of unknown primary (CUP) origin. According to the National Cancer Institute, symptoms of carcinoma of unknown primary are found in nearly 2-3 percent patients diagnosed with the disease. This article tries to gain further insight on the signs of this dreadful condition.

Symptoms of Carcinoma of Unknown Primary:

Pain in the Bone: Metastasis is the technical name given to the spread of cancer to fresh locations. If in the advanced stage, the disease spreads to the bone, there will be pain experienced along with weakness and brittleness of these structures.

Swallon Lymph Nodes: Lymph nodes are circular and ball-shaped structures which form an important part of the natural protection system of the body known as immune system. They are the storage locations of B-cells and T-cells which protect our bodies from foreign organisms.

When there is an infection or external threat to the body, these structures get swallon alarming the immune system of a possible attack on the body. Lymph nodes have a special significance with cancer ailment. Based on the state of these structures present throughout the body, diagnosis and treatment of this disease commences.

Weight Loss and Fatigue: Though these symptoms are common in a range of cancer types, they indicat that the disease might have spread to the digestive tract or the bone marrow.

Shortness of Breath: When the disease spreads to the lungs, a patient can be diagnosed with this sign.

Abdominal Pain: When liver or the abdomen gets affected by the cancer, a patient experiences this pain.

Facts and Statistics of Carcinoma of Unknown Primary:

  • Risk of developing this condition is equal among both males and females.
  • The average age group at high risk of developing it is 59-66 years.
  • The average survival rate of the patients range anywhere between 11 weeks to 11 months.
  • Other symptoms of carcinoma of unknown primary which cannot be ignored are headaches, blurry vision, skin tumors, vomiting, seizures and confusion.

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