Top 6 Most Controversial, Never-ending Arguments

An argument is designed to prove the other person wrong and prove his/her own point. In most cases, proves, evidences and optimum knowledge is enough to establish a concrete conclusion. But in a few other cases, it becomes really difficult to prove any one’s point due to lack of visible evidences and clash between disbelieves and believes.

To win an argument we do not need resistance, we need knowledge and determination to stick to our point and defend our view. A few never-ending arguments also exist which are always coupled with controversies and not conclusion. A list of few such topics which give birth to the most controversial, never-ending arguments are listed below.

  • Evolution or Creation?
    Since ages, the theory of God’s creation and the theory of evolution has always been questioned. The theory of Evolution points at a single conclusion left by Dr. Charles Darwin, but it has many questions still remaining unsolved. On the other hand, different religion points at a different story of evolution. The outcome of trying to give a serious thought to which is correct always ends up in a hurting brain.
  • Mercy Killing or Euthanasia
    According to Dr.Kevorkian, living in serious pain and agony is more difficult than committing a suicide. So he helped many people who are badly affected by their serious health conditions to hug death. But what about the human values ? Life is a very precious gift of nature. What would you do in such a case ? Whom would you support – Dr.Kevorkian or Mother nature ?
  • The Death Penalty
    The death penalty has been in power since ages. Previously, people followed a prevalent rule of blood for blood, hand for hand, money for money, land for land and then life for life. But after such a great advancement in the living, should the same rule still be followed ? However, some governing structures and political bodies completely disagree, but could not successfully eliminate them. How do you think death penalty is justifiable ? When to give a death sentence – a rape, mass murder, blackmailing, double murders or single murder ? What do you think about an accidental homicide ?
  • Abortion or Pro-life?
    “Ending a life inside the womb” – is it acceptable ? Should a woman be given such authority of decision ? If yes, then when ? When is aborting a fetus acceptable ? How about single mothers and victims of sexual abuse ? Would they be able to enjoy their motherhood normally ? Though, several rules have been established by the Governing bodies, still the question remains unresolved.
  • What comes first – The chicken or the egg ?
    This is one of the most funny arguments till date. This debate has been in controversies since ages; if the chicken evolve first and reproduced to produce eggs or is it the eggs that hatched to give birth to the chicken ? This is where even Dr.Darwin has no answers. The question of evolution or creation again continues.
  • Does God Exist?
    Several people believe that God do exists, while many others deny. Most of us believe that God is the owner of this world, which is also told in our religion. But where is He ? Why cannot we see and feel him ? If God is still there, then why there is poverty, sorrow, agony everywhere ? And if we do not justify our faith then how did the whole world come up ? What about the things which Dr.Darwin also could not answer. So which is truth – Belief or Science ?

Several such arguments will never end and will continue until a concrete conclusion is developed.

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