Impotence ai??i?? Treatment, Prevention and Home Remedies for Impotence

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep an erection firm during sexual intercourse. It is common in men at any age. Men above the age 60 are most affected. The condition may also occur as a result of other disease conditions. It can be treated at any age and normal sexual activity can be regained through the treatment. The treatment, prevention and home remedies for impotence are discussed below.

Impotence Treatment

  • Impotence is treated depending on the cause and severity of the condition. The doctor may prescribe medications for reducing the causes and the impotence. The doctor suggests the affected person to make changes in lifestyle, control weight and pelvic floor exercises to reduce the impotence. Measures should be taken to combat the stress.
  • Sexual therapy is also done in severe cases. A medicine is injected into the penis with the help of a injection or a vacuum device. This makes the penis active and ejaculation occurs during sexual intercourse.
  • Surgical treatment is performed if impotence is caused due to the damaged blood vessels and veins in the penis. In this surgery, an implant is inserted into the penis.

Prevention of Impotence
The following measures help in preventing impotence and its risk factors:

  • Avoid stress in your daily life
  • Keep your cholesterol levels low to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis
  • Avoid using drugs and excess alcohol intake
  • Perform regular exercises
  • Quit smoking
  • Maintain your blood sugar levels in normal range

Home Remedies for Impotence
Listed below are few home remedies to treat impotence

  • Black raisins ai??i?? Boil 30 grams of black raisins with milk so that they swell and become sweet. Consume these raisins followed by a glass of milk. It helps in restoring the sexual vigour.
  • Dried dates ai??i?? Powder the dates and mix equal quantities of almonds, pistachio nuts and quince seeds. Consume about 100 grams of this mixture daily. It is very effective in increasing the sexual power.
  • Ginger ai??i?? Ginger juice is very beneficial for treating sexual weaknesses. Take the juice with boiled egg and honey every night for a month for better results.
  • Asparagus ai??i?? Take 15 grams of dried asparagus roots available in market. Boil them in a cup of milk and take it two times a day. It is a very effective remedy for impotence and premature ejaculation.
  • Ladyai??i??s finger ai??i?? Root powder of ladyai??i??s finger taken with a glass of milk and ground mishri is very effective in increasing the sexual vigour.
  • Carrot ai??i?? Take about 150 grams of carrots, chop them and take egg that is half-boiled, dipped in honey. Take it daily for a month or two. It increases sexual stamina.
  • Onion ai??i?? White variety of onion is effective in strengthening the reproductive organs.

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