Hernia in Children – Treatment and Prevention of Hernia in Children

Hernia in children is an abnormal protrusion of muscles or tissues of abdominal areas. It develops when the part of tissue along with the fluid bulges through the abdominal wall. Hernias are caused due to the weakness of connective tissues in the abdominal region. Some hernias are congenital i.e caused when the umbilical cord do not close properly after the child’s birth. Boys are at more risk of developing the disease condition. The treatment and prevention of hernia in children are discussed below.

Hernia in Children Treatment
Hernia in children do not require any specific treatment. As the child grows, the abdominal muscles develop and hence the hernia closes on its own. But if the hernias even start occurring and do not close even after the age 5, they need to be treated. The best treatment for hernias is surgical treatment. Surgical treatments include:

Umbilical hernia repair – This is the main surgical method to repair the hernia. The steps include:

  • The child is given general anesthesia
  • An incision is made below the abdominal area near the umbilicus
  • Any protruded muscular tissues and membranes are pushed back into the abdomen
  • the connective tissues and muscles are repaired and kept in their positions
  • Incision is closed using stitches and staples

Surgery to improve the appearance of abdominal region –In some cases, the abdominal region may look abnormal after the surgery. The surgeon may perform additional surgical methods to make the abdominal region look normal.

Hernia in Children Prevention
Even-though hernia in children cannot be prevented, some measures help to reduce the strain in the abdominal tissues and muscles. The main reason that the hernias could not be prevented is they are congenital birth defects. The measures are helping your child to maintain a healthy weight. Give high amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits and foods rich in fibre content.

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